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“Publishers Weekly recognized ECW Press as one of the most diversified independent publishers in North America. ECW Press has published close to 1,000 books that are distributed throughout the English-speaking world and translated into dozens of languages. Each year we continue to support and promote a vibrant backlist that includes poetry and fiction, pop-culture and political analysis, sports books, biography, and travel guides. Books by writers whose names you know and love — and by those...

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Love Bites - The Unofficial Saga of Twilight

Liv Spencer

The Subtweet - A Novel

Vivek Shraya

Fire Trap - A TJ Peterson Mystery

Bob Kroll

Mad Like Tesla - Underdog Inventors and their Relentless Pursuit of Clean Energy

Tyler Hamilton

The Science of TV’s the Big Bang Theory - Explanations Even Penny Would Understand

Dave Zobel

A Very Stable Genius

Mike Luckovich

Misconduct of the Heart - A Novel

Cordelia Strube

Don’t Let It End Like This Tell Them I Said Something

Paul Vermeersch

Refuge - A Novel

Merilyn Simonds

Scion of the Fox - The Realms of Ancient Book 1

S.M. Beiko

Let’s Go Exploring - Calvin and Hobbes

Michael Hingston

Clockwork Lives

Kevin J. Anderson, Neil Peart

Rosewood Confidential - The Unofficial Companion to Pretty Little Liars

Liv Spencer

Civil and Civic

Jonathan Bennett

Leading Lines - A Pippa Greene Novel

Chantel Guertin

You can’t bury them all

Patrick Woodcock

The Alchemists’ Council

Cynthea Masson

Honey - A Novel

Brenda Brooks

The Amber Garden - The Alchemists’ Council Book 3

Cynthea Masson

Boring Girls

Sarah Taylor

The Complete Lockpick Pornography

Joey Comeau

Bad Ideas - A Novel

Missy Marston

The Optimistic Environmentalist - Progressing Toward a Greener Future

David R. Boyd


Steve Stanton

Ragged Lake - A Frank Yakabuski Mystery

Ron Corbett

Tin Men - A Crime Novel

Mike Knowles

No Good Asking - A Novel

Fran Kimmel

Cape Diamond - A Frank Yakabuski Mystery

Ron Corbett

The Realms of Ancient Collection

S.M. Beiko

Depth of Field

Chantel Guertin