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Privacy Policy

Effective date: July 4th, 2018.

BestSharer S.L., a company registered in Spain, in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, Volume 27758, folio 40, page M 500209, entry (“BestSharer”, “we” or “us”) offers you content-related products and services available under the 24symbols brand, and on the 24symbols websites ( (the “24symbols Websites”). BestSharer will request some information from you and automatically collect information about your use of 24symbols, the 24symbols Service (both as defined in the 24symbols Terms and Conditions of Use). BestSharer will request information from other third party services if such services are activated via 24symbols. This policy (the “24symbols Privacy Policy”) describes what personal information we may collect from you and what we will and will not do with that information.

1. Personal Information Collection

When you sign up for a 24symbols account or purchase 24symbols' services available on the 24symbols web site, we receive and store information from you:

  • Information you provide to us. This includes your name, your email address, phone number (in case you subscribe via a partner that requires it) and optionally you may provide information like your gender and your age (which is only required if you want to read certain types of books or audiobooks).

  • Information we obtain automatically. We obtain information from you and the use of our service, through your interactions with the 24symbols Services, as well as information related to your computer or device used to access the 24symbols Services. This information includes

    • Your activity, like which books you open, the ones you include in your bookshelves, the books you marked as “love” or “liked”, etc.

    • Details related to your interaction with the service, like the date and time you registered, the date and time you subscribed, etc.

    • Details related to your payment, only if you subscribe directly through our payment platform, like payment date and time, last four digits of your payment card, and transactions details received from your bank. We never store your full payment card information.

    • Details related to your interactions with our support service, like the date and time you started the communication, the email address you used, and the transcription of the conversations maintained.

    • Information about the devices used to access the 24symbols Services, like the device type (iPhone, Android, etc.), device version, Operating System used (iOS, Android, Windows, …), browser type and version, default language configured, or IP address.

    • Information obtained by using cookies. Please consult the Cookies Policy for more information.

    • If you use the Social capabilities in 24symbols (as defined in the 24symbols Terms and Conditions of Use), we will receive and store the username of the social network you are using with the 24symbols social capabilities, such as, but not limited to, Facebook or Google+.

We will use your personal information

  1. to communicate with you regarding your account or other customer service issues;

  2. to properly provide you with the products that you have purchased or subscribed for;

  3. to expose and display customized advertisement and other content;

  4. to serve personalized versions of 24symbols, the 24symbols Service and the 24symbols Website;

  5. to improve our current offering and/or develop new products and services;

  6. to ensure proper technical and user experience functioning of our products and services; and

  7. to protect the copyright-protected content of the 24symbols Service (e.g. by limiting access to the 24symbols Service content to those users with a 24symbols account, or by only allowing you to read those books that are available in the region you are connecting from, in order to agree with the contracts we have with our Publisher and Author Partners).

If you use the Social capabilities of 24symbols, you might share your Facebook user name and your Facebook profile picture to other 24symbols users (e.g. if you publicly share books you like); if you tweet a passage of a book by using the Social capabilities of 24symbols, your Twitter account will be visible to everyone that follows you in Twitter, or to anyone that might find your tweet. In the same way, by activating 24symbols social reading capabilities through another social network, such as, but not limited to, Google+ or Pinterest; to share book passages, references, notes or comments, the account name of the social network used, can be visible to other 24symbols users. If you do not wish for such use of your personal data to take place, you should not use the 24symbols Social capabilities.

2. Personal Information Sharing

Unless you give us your explicit approval in advance we will only share your personal information, including 24symbols affiliates (being other companies controlled by or under common control with us) when necessary to:

  1. Provide you with the products or services that you have purchased or requested.

  2. Enforce the terms and conditions of the 24symbols Terms and Conditions of Use

  3. Comply with laws and regulations or respond to litigation.

  4. Manage ongoing open disputes with financial entities that require us to send the reader behavior as evidence of the use of 24symbols.

  5. Allow for a change of ownership of 24symbols (including but not limited to an acquisition by or merger with another company) and related transfer of all personal information to the new owner in which case any information remains protected in accordance with this 24symbols Privacy Policy.

  6. Allow advertising audits and analysis measuring the size and composition of the group of users that have listened to and/or viewed an advertisement or other promotional information.

  7. Allow us to share usage information to our third party recommendation and search engines so they can provide personalized recommendations and/or searches based on your previous content accessed, the votes you assigned to content, public comments realized, or other information that might allow our partners to provide a better service to you. However, we will not share information that might identify you personally, and will not permit the third party to use the information we provide for any other purpose as to the one defined above.

  8. Allow us to share aggregated statistics about use of 24symbols and the 24symbols Service with our business partners. We will not, however, share personally identifying information with these partners or any third parties, except under the narrow circumstances described above.

3. Transfer of personal information to other countries

BestSharer might process personal information on servers in a number of countries. We may therefore transfer and process your personal information on a server outside your country. However, we will always do so in accordance with this 24symbols Privacy Policy and applicable law.

4. Security

We take a number of steps to keep your personal information secure from unauthorized access. For example, we ask you to use a unique and strong password and not to share this information with anyone. In addition, we use encrypted transmissions to limit access to the systems that store your personal information. Further, we respect and comply with EU legislation on data protection.

5. Access to and correction of personal information

You can request access to your personal information and update or redact what we know about you that is incorrect or outdated.

You can perform some of these actions yourself by visiting the “Settings” menu on the 24symbols web site (you can also update some options from the native apps, but we recommend going to the web site). There you can update your name, email, URL of your personal library, gender, age, etc., as well as the different communication options we provide, and that you can select/unselect whenever you want.

If you have an additional request not provided in the web site, you reach us via We will respond to your request upon verification of your identity within a reasonable period of time, and to the maximum extent practical. Please bear in mind we can reject requests that are unreasonable or that are not required by law, including those that can be deemed as impractical, that require a disproportionate technical effort or that can potentially be fraudulent, or cause fraud.

We will need to store some of your information due to legal, financial or security reasons.

6. Links

We may display links to third party websites. Please note that we cannot control and cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies of such websites. You should always read the privacy policy of a website to find out more about how personal information is collected and processed.

7. Cookies

We may also store information about you using cookies (files which are sent by us to your computer or other access device) that we can access when you visit the 24symbols Websites in future. We do this to help improve the user experience of the website.

If you want to delete any cookies that are already on your computer, please refer to the instructions for your file management software to locate the file or directory that stores cookies.

Please note that by deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies you may not be able to access certain areas or features of our site.

8. Changes to this 24symbols Privacy Policy

BestSharer reserves the right to make changes to this 24symbols Privacy Policy. If we make any material changes to this policy we will notify you by posting the new version of the policy on the 24symbols Websites. It is your own responsibility to check the website for such postings from time to time.

Please note that by accepting the 24symbols Terms and Conditions of Use, or by using 24symbols, the 24symbols Service or the 24symbols Websites, you consent to the collection and processing of your personal information as described in this 24symbols Privacy Policy. Your continued use of 24symbols, the 24symbols Service or the 24symbols websites following the posting of changes to this 24symbols Privacy Policy will constitute an acceptance of such changes.

9. English version prevails

In the event that this 24symbols Privacy Policy is translated into other languages and there is a discrepancy between the two language versions, the English language version shall prevail to the extent that such discrepancy is the result of an error in translation.