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Hot Game

Bridget Midway

Vamps in the City

Crissy Smith

Mr Remarkable

J J Monroe

Begging For It - A collection of five erotic stories

Emily Dubberley, Roger Frank Selby, Sally Quilford, Kaycie Wolfe, Chloe Devlin

A Game of Chances

T.C. Blue

Surrender My Love

Johanna Lindsey


Alice Raine

Forbidden Fantasies

Lynn LaFleur

Opposing Rhythms

Talia Carmichael

When We Were Two - A collection of five erotic stories

Sommer Marsden, Elizabeth Cage, Jeremy Edwards, Roger Frank Selby, Jim Baker

Unforgettable Summer - Wild Crush #1

Sami Lee

The Blancmange

A.J. Llewellyn, Serena Yates

Pack Council

Crissy Smith

Well Played - An erotic tale of music and lust

Stella Harris

Hot and Haunted

Megan Hart, Saranna DeWylde, Lauren Hawkeye

The Fist - A collection of gay erotic stories

Landon Dixon, Eva Hore, Kay Jaybee, G R Richards, Jade Taylor

Pack Security

Crissy Smith

What Remains

Bailey Bradford

Soul Chance

Nichelle Gregory

Taboo Trysts

The Bad Girls of Erotica

Florville and Courval - or Fatalism

Marquis de Sade

Phantoms' Pleasure

Brynn Paulin

Johnny Club - A collection of five erotic short stories

Landon Dixon


Laurelin Paige

Charity's Auction

Ashley Ladd

The Secret Life of Girls

Chloe Thurlow

Pussy Trap - Sex Greed Power and Revenge

NeNe Capri

Redemption or Burn

Stephani Hecht

Liliana Batchelor: The Complete Series

Holly Blackstone


Genella DeGrey