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Gentle Rogue

Johanna Lindsey

Dreaming of You

Lisa Kleypas

Elle - Room Two in the Hotelles Trilogy

Emma Mars

Thunder Island

Meryl Sawyer

Victim of Deception

Lynn LaFleur

Somewhere I'll Find You

Lisa Kleypas

Silver Nights

Jane Feather

Into the Darkness

Delilah Devlin

Desire Me Now

Tiffany Clare

Destined to Feel - An Avalon Novel

Indigo Bloome

Fires of Winter

Johanna Lindsey

Eighty Days White

Vina Jackson

Magic and Mayhem

Sylvia Day, Cathryn Fox

Until Forever

Johanna Lindsey

The Price of Desire

Leda Swann

Trust No One

Meryl Sawyer

He Touches Me - The Seen Trilogy: Part Two

Cynthia Sax

Intrusion - An Under the Skin Novel

Charlotte Stein

Fallen Angel

Jess Michaels

Bedding Down

Rachel Kramer Bussel

Gabriel's Bride

Samantha James, Sandra Kleinschmidt

Mating Season - A Cabin Fever Novella

Alice Gaines

You Belong to Me

Johanna Lindsey

If This Bed Could Talk

Lynn LaFleur, Kimberly Dean, Liz Maverick

Destined to Play

Indigo Bloome

Heat Rises - A Cabin Fever Novella

Alice Gaines

Taken - An Under the Skin Novel

Charlotte Stein

Bold Destiny

Jane Feather

Blue Blooded - A Benediction Novel

Shelly Bell

Lovers and Liars - A Novel

Sally Beauman