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Death Cut

Karen Neary Smithson

Winston's Book of Souls

Terresa Cooper Haskew

Fast Times Big City

Shelly Frome

Once a Homecoming Queen

Jean Moran

A Dance With Murder

Elizabeth Coleman

Paradise Undone - A Novel Of Jonestown

Annie Dawid

Daddy Issues

Dino Pešut

Deep in the Forest

Erina Reddan

He Wasn’t There Again Today - An Epitome Apartments Mystery

Candas Jane Dorsey

The Girl Who Cried Diamonds & Other Stories

Rebecca Hirsch Garcia

In Case of Loss

Lutz Seiler

Lipstick Eyebrows

Rebecca Parfitt, Mari Ellis Dunning

The Naming of Moths

Tracy Fells

The Disappearance Boy - behind every story lies a story

Neil Bartlett

The 14th Storm - in 2043 the climate has finally changed

Daniel J Mooney

The ugly sisters

Danny King

The Conjuror’s Apprentice - (The Tudor Rose Murders Book 1)

G J Williams

The Sleepless

Liam Bell

The Dangerous Marriage

Barbara Cartland

Paint Me A Crime

Holly Yew

Edge of Extinction

Robert J. Szmidt

The Long March Home - A World War II Novel of the Pacific

Marcus Brotherton, Tosca Lee

Of Wizards and Wolves - Tales of Transformation

David Farland

A Herb for Happiness

Barbara Cartland

Cursed Bunny

Bora Chung

The Master of the World

Jules Verne

The Laguna Shores Research Club

Laura Kelly Robb

Good Girl - Anna Fitzpatrick

Anna Fitzpatrick

Easy to be a God

Robert J. Szmidt, Robert Szmidt

The Fear of Falling

John Harkin