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Sansei and Sensibility 

Karen Tei Yamashita

Mortain 1944 - Hitler’s Normandy Panzer offensive

Steven J. Zaloga

Ragnarok - Heavy Metal Combat in the Viking Age

Tim Korklewski

Galactic Keegan

Scott Innes

Into the Mystic - Stories of Magic and Romance

K.D. West, Arden Wiles

Paranormal Talent Agency Episodes 4-6

Heather Silvio

Beginning with Cannonballs - A Novel

Jill McCroskey Coupe

Blood Angel

Bernard Schaffer

What You Don't See

Tracy Clark


Charlotte E. English

Signs of the End of the World - 10 Likely Ways the World May End this Century and How to be Prepared

Henry Lee

Teal Haven

Randi Lee Beers

Shattered - A Drew Patrick Crime Thriller Novel

Jason Richards

The Confessions of Frannie Langton - A Novel

Sara Collins

Prophecy - & other stories

Jacqueline Lonsdale Cuerton


Thomas H. Carry

Chasing Shadows - A Drew Patrick Crime Thriller Novel

Jason Richards

Deception - A Drew Patrick Crime Thriller Novel

Jason Richards

Answer Creek - A Novel

Ashley E. Sweeney

The Laundress - A Novel

Barbara Sapienza

Order of Dust

Nicholas J. Evans

Dawn of Fire Special Collector’s Edition

C.B. Vaughn

Altered Seasons - Monsoonrise

Paul Briggs

The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights

Sir James Knowles

Adult Conversation - A Novel

Brandy Ferner

The Man Upstairs - And Other Stories

P. G. Wodehouse

Dead and Gone

Sherryl Clark

Misconduct of the Heart - A Novel

Cordelia Strube

Only the River - A Novel

Anne Raeff

The Faking of the President - Nineteen Stories of White House Noir

Peter Carlaftes