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Paul Lederer

The Midwife of Hope River - A Novel of an American Midwife

Patricia Harman

Friend & Foe - A Hew Cullen Mystery: Book 4

Shirley McKay

Jasmine Moon

Frances Patton Statham

Guy de Maupassant's Tales of Tragedy - A Collection of Short Stories

Guy de Maupassant

Around the World in 80 Days

Jules Verne

Zeus of Ithome

T E Taylor

Poets Can't Sing

Sherman Smith

The Roger Brook Series Starter

Dennis Wheatley

Link and Lerke


The Divine And The Destiny

Meenakshi Raina

Billy Old Arizona Ranger - A Historical Novel Based on a True Story

Geff Moyer

Dearest Cousin Jane - A Jane Austen Novel

Jill Pitkeathley

Ravenscliffe - A Novel

Jane Sanderson

Early Britain

Grant Allen

The Black Prophet: A Tale of Irish Famine

William Carlton

Worthy Brown's Daughter

Phillip Margolin

The White Piano - Still Life with Memories #2

Uvi Poznansky

The Legend of Mickey Free

Kerry Newcomb

Age of Apostasy-Knife Edge

Abhijeeth Hiliyana

The Heart of the Rose

Kathryn Meyer Griffith

The Glass House

V. J. Banis

The Return of Lanny Budd

Upton Sinclair


Stephan Collishaw

A Pocket Full of Rye - A Miss Marple Mystery

Agatha Christie

Border Brothers

Margaret Cook

Ruby Flynn

Nadine Dorries

A Bad Day in Lunden Texas

Russ Crossley

Paper Conspiracies

Susan Daitch


Jr. Pitts