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The Walworth Beauty

Michèle Roberts

The Statement - A Novel

Brian Moore

The Magician's Wife - A Novel

Brian Moore

The Vain Conversation - A Novel

Anthony Grooms


Robert Radcliffe

The Shakespeare Conspiracy

Sandra Hochman

Miss Mary's Daughter

Diney Costeloe

The Far River

Barbara Wood

Arminius - The Limits of Empire

Robert Fabbri

Magic Chair Murder The - A 1920s English mystery

Diane Janes

That Girl

Kate Kerrigan

The Dragon Series - Dragon's Winter and Dragon's Treasure

Elizabeth A. Lynn

An Imperfection in the Kitchen Floor

Heather Greenleaf

Princes Gate - A DCI Frank Merlin Novel

Mark Ellis

Stalin's Gold - A DCI Frank Merlin Novel

Mark Ellis

Merlin at War - A DCI Frank Merlin Novel

Mark Ellis

The Bride Price

Anne Mallory

The Lost Mother - A Novel

Mary McGarry Morris

Songs in Ordinary Time - A Novel

Mary McGarry Morris

Palm Trees in the Snow - A Novel

Luz Gabás

The Velveteen Daughter - A Novel

Laurel Davis Huber

The Queen's Prophet

Dawn Patitucci

A Winter's Love - A Novel

Madeleine L'Engle

The Flowering Thorn - A Novel

Margery Sharp

Full Throttle

Jon Hartless

A Perfect Storm

Jodi Taylor

Anna and the King of Siam

Margaret Landon

The Physician

Noah Gordon

Stranger in Savannah

Eugenia Price

The Big Wind

Beatrice Coogan