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Luzon 1945 - The final liberation of the Philippines

Clayton Chun

Native American Studies: History Books Mythology Culture & Linguistic Studies (22 Book Collection) - History of the Great Tribes Military History Language Customs & Legends of Cherokee Iroquois Sioux Navajo Zuñi Apache Seminole and Eskimo

Black Hawk, John Stevens Cabot Abbott, Frank Hamilton Cushing, Washington Matthews, John Wesley Powell, James Mooney, Lewis Spence, Franz Boas, John G. Bourke, Charles M. Scanlan, Charles C. Royce, Erminnie A. Smith, William John McGee, Clay MacCauley, James Owen Dorsey, Cyrus Thomas, Garrick Mallery, Alexander Scott Withers, Joseph Kossuth Dixon, Edward S. Curtis, John Heckewelder, William C. Reichel, Elias Johnson

History Manners and Customs of the Indian Nations Who Once Inhabited Pennsylvania and the Neighboring States

John Heckewelder, William C. Reichel

Without Love I am Nothing - Break the Chains of the Past to Live Your Best Future

Des Bowman

King Philip: War Chief of the Wampanoag People

John Stevens Cabot Abbott

Inland Shift - Race Space and Capital in Southern California

Juan De Lara

The Vanishing Race - The Last Indian Council

Joseph Kossuth Dixon

Indian Wars - History of Conflicts Between European Colonists and the Indigenous Peoples of North America: Wars in West Virgina North Carolina Montana & Illinois

Black Hawk, Charles M. Scanlan, Alexander Scott Withers, Enoch Lawrence Lee, Joseph Kossuth Dixon

Indian Wars in North Carolina - Cherokee War Tuscarora War Cheraw Wars French and Indian War - With Original Photos & Maps

Enoch Lawrence Lee

The North American Indian - History Culture & Mythology of Apache Navaho and Jicarillas Tribe with Original Photographic and Ethnographic Records

Edward S. Curtis, Frederick Webb Hodge

History of the Black Hawk War - Including the Autobiography of the Sauk Leader Black Hawk

Black Hawk, Charles M. Scanlan

True Life Stories: The Greatest Native American Memoirs & Biographies - Geronimo Charles Eastman Black Hawk King Philip Sitting Bull & Crazy Horse

Black Hawk, John Stevens Cabot Abbott, Charles A. Eastman, Geronimo, Charles M. Scanlan

Papa Hemingway - A Personal Memoir

A. E. Hotchner

The Mountain Chant - Navajo Ceremony

Washington Matthews


Dubravka Ugresic

Legends Traditions and Laws of the Iroquois & History of the Tuscarora Indians

Elias Johnson

Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King Jr? - The Case Against Lyndon B Johnson and J Edgar Hoover

Phillip F. Nelson

Geronimo's Story of His Life - With Original Photos


Hotels and Highways - The Construction of Modernization Theory in Cold War Turkey

Begüm Adalet

Chronicles of Border Warfare

Alexander Scott Withers

Delta Epiphany - Robert F Kennedy in Mississippi

Ellen B. Meacham

South Carolina State University - A Black Land-Grant College in Jim Crow America

William C. Hine

The Chain of Things - Divinatory Magic and the Practice of Reading in German Literature and Thought 1850–1940

Eric Downing

Food Sovereignty the Navajo Way - Cooking with Tall Woman

Charlotte J. Frisbie

South Carolina's Turkish People - A History and Ethnology

Terri Anne Ognibene, Glen Browder

The Empire of Alexander the Great

John Mahaffy


Michelle Dean

The Varieties of Temporal Experience - Travels in Philosophical Historical and Ethnographic Time

Michael Jackson

Three Sisters in Black - The Bizarre True Case of the Bathtub Tragedy

Norman Zierold

What 'Isa ibn Hisham Told Us - Or A Period of Time

Muhammad al-Muwaylihi