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Oz behind the Iron Curtain - Aleksandr Volkov and His Magic Land Series

Erika Haber

Body Full of Stars - Female Rage and My Passage into Motherhood

Molly Caro May

What I've Learned - Passing on Experiences From a Life Well-Lived

James F. Ross YNC USN (RET.)

Incidents at Sea - American Confrontation and Cooperation with Russia and China 1945-2016

David F. Winkler

The Atlantic World and Virginia 1550-1624

Peter C. Mancall

Migrant Nation - Australian Culture Society and Identity

Paul Longley Arthur

Austro-Hungarian Cruisers and Destroyers 1914–18

Ryan K. Noppen

American Amphibious Warfare - The Roots of Tradition to 1865

Gary J. Ohls

The Anthem Companion to Ernst Troeltsch

Christopher Adair-Toteff

The Economics of Emancipation - Jamaica and Barbados 1823-1843

Kathleen Mary Butler

The Hitler Kiss - A Memoir of Czech Resistance

Radomir Luza

Growing Up Asian American in Young Adult Fiction

Ymitri Mathison

The Anthem Companion to Karl Mannheim

Volker Meja, David Kettler

Johann Ludwig Eberhardt and His Salem Clocks

Frank P. Albright

Southern Perspectives on the Queer Movement - Committed to Home

Sheila R. Morris

Safeguarding children and young people online - A guide for practitioners

Claudia Megele

The Beyond Now Device - A Fictional Exploration Of Time

Mark Hollock

I Am Not a Tractor! - How Florida Farmworkers Took On the Fast Food Giants and Won

Susan L. Marquis

French Foreign Legion 1831–71

Martin Windrow

Chosen Men - Military Skirmish Games in the Napoleonic Wars

Mark Latham

The Canadian Alternative - Cartoonists Comics and Graphic Novels

Eric Hoffman, Dominick Grace

Children of Coyote Missionaries of Saint Francis - Indian-Spanish Relations in Colonial California 1769-1850

Steven W. Hackel

<i>Mathematical Disquisitions< i> - The Booklet of Theses Immortalized by Galileo

Christopher M. Graney

The SAS 1983–2014

Leigh Neville

A Practical Guide to Therapeutic Work with Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Paul Cilia La Corte, Angelina Jalonen

A Guide to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - Information and Advice for Teachers and Parents

Janet Hoskin

Moving into Residential Care - A Practical Guide for Older People and Their Families

Colleen Doyle, Gail Roberts

A Room of One’s Own (Wisehouse Classics Edition)

Virginia Woolf

Ned the Impresario of Columbus Kansas

Tom Rhoads

Unravelling Europe’s ‘migration crisis’ - Journeys over land and sea

Heaven Crawley, Franck Duvell