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Hillman Cars

James Taylor

Brittany 1944 - Hitler’s Final Defenses in France

Steven J. Zaloga


Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Publishing

Napoleon - Passion Death and Resurrection 1815–1840

Philip Dwyer

Technicals - Non-Standard Tactical Vehicles from the Great Toyota War to modern Special Forces

Leigh Neville

Short Stirling Units of World War 2

Jonathan Falconer

Blood On The Stone

Jake Lynch

Green Gold - The Epic True Story of Victorian Plant Hunter John Jeffrey

Gabriel Hemery

Understanding James Baldwin

Marc Dudley

A Haven and a Hell - The Ghetto in Black America

Lance Freeman

Life on the Other Border - Farmworkers and Food Justice in Vermont

Teresa M. Mares

Collisions at the Crossroads - How Place and Mobility Make Race

Genevieve Carpio

Forgers and Critics New Edition - Creativity and Duplicity in Western Scholarship

Anthony Grafton


Olivia Marie

How the Classics Made Shakespeare

Jonathan Bate

Policing Life and Death - Race Violence and Resistance in Puerto Rico

Marisol LeBrón

The Politics of Space Security - Strategic Restraint and the Pursuit of National Interests Third Edition

James Clay Moltz

Queer Times Black Futures

Kara Keeling

Buried Saints - A Memoir

Brin Miller

Vice Crime and Poverty - How the Western Imagination Invented the Underworld

Dominique Kalifa

Fake Geek Girls - Fandom Gender and the Convergence Culture Industry

Suzanne Scott

How Poetry Can Change Your Heart

Andrea Gibson, Megan Falley

Cornell University Press Est 1869 - Our First 150 Years

Karen M. Laun

From Willard Straight to Wall Street - A Memoir

Thomas W. Jones

Hold On with a Bulldog Grip - A Short Study of Ulysses S Grant

John F. Marszalek, David Nolen, Louie Gallo, Frank Williams

Plots against Russia - Conspiracy and Fantasy after Socialism

Eliot Borenstein

The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere - When Total Empire Met Total War

Jeremy A. Yellen

The Act of Living - Street Life Marginality and Development in Urban Ethiopia

Marco Di Nunzio

When Violence Works - Postconflict Violence and Peace in Indonesia

Patrick Barron

Empire and Belonging in the Eurasian Borderlands

Lewis H. Siegelbaum, Krista A. Goff