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From Sickness to Health - How I cured my autoimmune disease without medication A must read for anyone with an illness Your body is sick for a reason

Alison Manning


Christopher Hood

Kisses from the Apocalypse (And Other Small Things)

Dan Corjescu

Rethinking Intellectuals in Latin America

Mabel Moraña, Bret Gustafson

Digital Capitalism and Distributive Forces

Sabine Pfeiffer

Battle for the Bocage: Normandy 1944 - The Fight for Point 103 Tilly-sur-Seulles Vilers Bocage

Tim Saunders


Jean-Luc Nancy

Covert Radio Agents 1939–1945 - Signals From Behind Enemy Lines

David Hebditch

The Lost Colony and Hatteras Island

Scott Dawson

The Production of Lateness - Old Age and Creativity in Contemporary Narrative

Rahel Rivera Godoy-Benesch

Iron Fire and Ice - The Real History that Inspired Game of Thrones

Ed West

Bird Songs Don't Lie - Writings from the Rez

Gordon Lee Johnson

Traditions of the North American Indians

James Athearn Jones

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies

Bartolomé de las Casas

Shreds of War: Fates from the Donbas Frontline 2014-2019 - With a Foreword by Olexy Haran

Ildikó Eperjesi, Oleksandr Kachura

Decentralization and Multilevel Elections in Ukraine - Reform Dynamics and Party Politics in 2010–2021

Valentyna Romanova

From Underground Railroad to Rebel Refuge - Canada and the Civil War

Brian Martin

China Nexus - Thirty Years In and Around the Chinese Communist Party’s Tyranny

Benedict Rogers

Humanized Systemic NLP - The world asks to be cured

Allan Santos (Prefaciador), Deborah Epelman (Coordenadora)

Has Populism Won? - The War on Liberal Democracy

Daniel Drache, Marc D. Froese

Breath and Meditation - On the Path to the Temple

Stefan Bischof

Dinner on Mars - The Technologies That Will Feed the Red Planet and Transform Agriculture on Earth

Lenore Newman, Evan D. G. Fraser

A Stone for the Journey

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society - Russia’s Annexation of Crimea III A Debate on Prospect Theory and Explaining Russia’s Annexation of Crimea

Julie Fedor, Andreas Umland, Andriy Portnov

Humanity 100 - Shaping our future together!

Andreas Dvořák

National Questions: Theoretical Reflections on Nations and Nationalism in Eastern Europe

Alexander Motyl

The Politics of Digital Pharmacology - Exploring the Craft of Collective Care

Felix Heidenreich, Florian Weber-Stein

Towards a New Enlightenment - The Case for Future-Oriented Humanities

Wilhelm Krull, Christoph Horn, Markus Gabriel, Corine Pelluchon, Anna Katsman, Anna Luisa Lippold, Ingo Venzke

A Swiss Foreign Policy for the 21st Century

Thomas Bernauer, Katja Gentinetta, Joëlle Kuntz

»We Are All Activists« - Exploring Solidarities in Activism By With and For Refugees and Migrants in Hamburg

Lea Rzadtki