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The London Medicine

Philip Davies

Breaking the Bombers - How the hunt for Pagad created a crack police unit

Mark Shaw

Grim Paradise - The Cold Case Search for the Mackinac Island Killer

Rod Sadler

Risking Life for Death - Lessons for the Living from the Autopsy Table

Ryan Blumenthal

The Con - How Scams Work Why You're Vulnerable and How to Protect Yourself

James Munton, Jelita McLeod

True Crime: Missouri - The State's Most Notorious Criminal Cases

David J Krajicek

True Crime in the Civil War - Cases of Murder Treason Counterfeiting Massacre Plunder & Abuse

Tobin T. Buhk

Daisy de Melker - Hiding among killers in the City of Gold

Ted Botha

Precious Few Clues - The True Crime Investigation of Kansas City's "Precious Doe" Murder

Marla Bernard

Operation Abonar - Inside story of Britain's biggest gunrunning scandal government officials didn't want told

Michael Hallowes

Death by Talons - Did An Owl 'Murder' Kathleen Peterson?

Tiddy Smith

Hidden Demons - Evil Visits A Small New England Town

Margery B. Metzger

Love Me To Death - The Chilling True Story of WIlliam “Wild Bill Cody” Neal—The Vicious Denver Lady-Killer

Steve Jackson

Funny Little Games

Philip Davies

Southern Evil - Tales of Revenge Greed Lust and Racism from the Heart of Dixie

Alan G Gauthreaux

By the Side of the Road - The True Story of the Abduction and Murder of Ann Harrison

Marla Bernard

The Killing of Lord George - A Tale of Murder and Deceit in Edwardian England

Karl Shaw

India Uniform Nine - Secrets From Inside a Covert Customs Unit

Mark Perlstrom

100 true stories of unusual deaths

John Mac, Sandrine Brugot, Marion Ambrosino, Luc Tailleur

Inside the Montreal Mafia - The Confessions of Andrew Scoppa

Félix Séguin, Eric Thibeault

Ted Bundy - The Yearly Journal

Kevin Sullivan

Carmine and the 13th Avenue Boys - Surviving Brooklyn's Colombo Mob

Craig McGuire, Carmine Imbriale

The Poisonous Solicitor - The True Story of a 1920s Murder Mystery

Stephen Bates

The Curse of the Turtle - The True Story of Thailand's "Backpacker Murders"

Suzanne Buchanan

Death on Ireland's Eye - The Victorian Murder Trial that Scandalised a Nation

Dean Ruxton

The UFO Abduction Book - Extraordinary Extraterrestrial Encounters of the Terrifying Kind

Brad Steiger

Tango Juliet Foxtrot - How did it all go wrong for British policing?

Iain Donnelly

The Donnellys: Massacre Trial and Aftermath 1880–1916

John Little

The Donnellys: Powder Keg 1840–1880

John Little

Watch Me Die - Last Words From Death Row

Bill Kimberlin