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Outrageous Misfits - Female Impersonator Craig Russell and His Wife Lori Russell Eadie

Brian Bradley

October - A Novel

Michael Rowe

Enter Night - A Novel

Michael Rowe

If You Kiss Me Like That

Harper Bliss

French Kissing Series Box Set: Seasons 1-5

Harper Bliss

Next in Line for Love

Harper Bliss

Accidentally Mated - M M Alpha Omega MPREG

Harper B. Cole

[Sweet-n-Bitter] - Danger!

Theodore Raymond Riddle

Unexpected Mate - M M Alpha Omega MPREG

Harper B. Cole

Pillow Thoughts

Courtney Peppernell

The Priory of the Orange Tree

Samantha Shannon

Two Hearts Alone

Harper Bliss

Captive Mate - M M Alpha Omega MPREG

Harper B. Cole

Driven To Mate - M M Alpha Omega MPREG

Harper B. Cole

Love Is… - Three Lesbian Romance Novels

Harper Bliss


C.S luis

Pillow Thoughts III - Mending the Mind

Courtney Peppernell

As much as I think I can get from you - Diary Of A Male Prostitute

Jameson J. J.

More Than Words

Harper Bliss

Far From The World We Know

Harper Bliss

In the Distance There Is Light

Harper Bliss

French Kissing: Pilot Episode - Episode One of Season One

Harper Bliss

Where Love Blooms - Seven Lesbian Romance Novels

Harper Bliss

Once Upon a Princess - A Lesbian Royal Romance

Harper Bliss, Clare Lydon


Daniel Wilson

Pornoscopes: Quaternity - Erotic Comics for Astrology Lovers

Syn Root

The Peter & Charlie Trilogy - The Lord Won't Mind One for the Gods and Forth into Light

Gordon Merrick

Aimee & Jaguar - A Love Story Berlin 1943

Erica Fischer

The Coffield Chronicles - Hearts Under Siege - Book One

TL Dickerson

The Dragonfly House - An Erotic Romance

Sam McAuliff