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Tales of the Suburbs - first Welston then the World

Justin David

The Erotic Choice: Conference Romance

Kaya Sommer

The Erotic Choice: Housewarming

Kaya Sommer

The Erotic Choice: The Gift

Kaya Sommer

The Erotic Choice: Creative Retreat

Kaya Sommer

The Erotic Choice: The Plumber's Visit

Kaya Sommer

Lust and Lies #1: Beguiled

Kim Jackson

Sweet Treason

Patricia Gaffney

Thief of Hearts

Patricia Gaffney

The girl who didn't want to be a princess

Marcela Citterio

Mini Novel - Dark Secret on The Sea

Hiro Nakami

Sexxx Soho Stories

Paul Chaplin

A Gorgeous Buddy in Asia

Goeran B Johansson

Three souls for a heart My polygamy

Guillermina Mekuy

The Awakening of Miss Henley

Julia Justiss

Son of Scandal

Dani Wade

Copying Room

Kaya Sommer


Kaya Sommer

In the Arms of a Woman - A Short Story Collection

Harper Bliss

Selected Novels - An Idol for Others The Quirk Now Let's Talk About Music Perfect Freedom and The Great Urge Downward

Gordon Merrick

Married for His One-Night Heir

Jennifer Hayward

Her Forgotten Lover's Heir

Annie West

A Lord for the Wallflower Widow

Ann Lethbridge

A Christmas Temptation

Karen Booth

Forbidden Desires - The Hot Wife’s Temptation

Catherine Strete

Nephew's Taboo Vengeance - The Complete Anthology

Alana Church

Wife Ganged On Casting Couch

Jilly Bangs

Sinful Redemption - Finding Love in the Depths of Darkness

Aurora Parry

Temptation Within - Intertwined Sheets and Passionate Confessions

Aurora Parry

Silent Wings & Werewolves

Arian Wulf