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[Sweet-n-Bitter] - Sometimes Life is!

[Theodore Riddle]

Erotic Lactation Bundle - Milking Adult Stories

Elle London, Daniella Fetish, Selena Black

Bittersweet: Prequel - MMF Bisexual romance

Alex Anders A. Anders

Spanked Rough In Public Bundle - 9 Story Set Of Spanking Erotica

Aaliyah Jackson, Selena Karina, Lisa Mulaton, Elle London, Daniella Fetish, Yarah Isabell, Juliet Pellizon, Selena Black, Lovillia Hearst

Spanked By The Royal's Bundle - Dominant Alpha Male Royalty Erotica

Aaliyah Jackson, Daniella Fetish, Yarah Isabell, Lovillia Hearst

Husband's away milf and pool boy play

Cougar Lusty

Milf yoga teacher takes on the class

Cougar Lusty

Milf 5-Pack

Cougar Lusty

Milf at the bachelor party

Cougar Lusty

First time with the milf hitcher

Cougar Lusty

Gilf CEO takes on two studs

Cougar Lusty

Dominated By The Viking - Historical Alpha Erotic Romance

Juliet Pellizon

The Virgin at Goodrich Hall

Danielle Lisle

Tales of the Abducted Princess - Adult Romance

Allan J. Lewis

The Roses Bloom

Danielle Lisle

The Game Changer

Jaqueline Snowe

Desires - My Neighbor's Dad

Aldris Edwards

Running a train on the milf Knocked up by the tribe - 2 stories!

Cougar Lusty

Crucible of Cain

Torie Grace


Torie Grace

Twice the pain

Torie Grace

BDSM Sex Stories for Adults - Explicit BDSM Short Stories Collection - Volume 2

Lola Reid

Schoolgirls Daddies And A Whole Lot More - 12 Story Bundle

Scarlett Delage

First Comes Lust - A Reverse Harem Short Story

Anika Lynn

A Shocking Tale Of Age Play Family Love And Group Sex! - DirtyDangerous & Depraved

Scarlett Delage

Milf Plus Five

Cougar Lusty

Pornoscopes: Quaternity - Erotic Comics for Astrology Lovers

Syn Root

Gilf prostitute Backdoor milf plus ten - 2 stories!

Cougar Lusty

No Good Deed

Torie Grace


Torie Grace