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Borrowed Time - An AIDS Memoir

Paul Monette

Where the words end and my body begins

Amber Dawn

Swann's Way

Marcel Proust

The Clothesline Swing

Ahmad Danny Ramadan

The Trials of Radclyffe Hall

Diana Souhami

Afterlife - A Novel

Paul Monette

The Year of Needy Girls

Patricia A. Smith

The Void Between Stars

Tia Liet


Victoria Zagar

Oscar Wilde - Reminiscences

André Gide

Virginia Woolf - Lesbian Readings

Eileen Barrett, Patricia Cramer

This Is Not for You - A Novel

Jane Rule

The Hit Man Cometh

Edward Kendrick

Out of CTRL

Sa Welsh

A Plain Ordinary Cowboy

Jan Irving

Texas Hold 'Em

Carole Lynne

Sensing Light - A Novel

Mark A. Jacobson


Bailey Bradford

Beijing Comrades

Bei Tong

Relocations - Queer Suburban Imaginaries

Karen Tongson

The Red Beach Hut

Lynn Michell

Between Good & Evil

L.M. Brown

Loving James

John H. Ames


Joseph Hansen

Beyond the Skyline

Lise Gold


L.M. Somerton

Passionate Communities - Reading Lesbian Resistance in Jane Rule's Fiction

Marilyn R. Schuster


Suzette Mayr

Teddy Madison

Gregory L. Montagnino

What the L?

Kate Clinton