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Glimmer - Zellie Wells #2

Stacey Wallace Benefiel


Parker Avrile

"Kataomoi" (Lesbian Romance) - Ren'Ai Rensai #4

Hildred Billings

Seattle in Shorts

Mercia McMahon

Detective for the Dragon - Dragons of Lake City #2

Kellan Larkin

Dangerous Ground - Dangerous Ground #1

Josh Lanyon


Landon Dixon

Don’t Drink the Holy Water

Bailey Bradford

Falling for the Facade - His Secret Milked #1

Sadi Mckena

Daybreak Rising - Embers of Redemption #1

Kiran Oliver


M.A. Ray

The Way to His Heart

Felice Stevens

Taking My Sister's Husband

P.J. Nevada

Delicious Sinn

Adrianna Dane

The Jockey of Elfland

N. Sumi

We're Not Alone

Rik Isensee

Webcam Willy - Gay Shorts

G.R. Richards

Uncharted Hearts

amelia bishop

Stonewall Riots

Troy Michael

Dan Sharp Mysteries 3-Book Bundle - Lake on the Mountain Pumpkin Eater The Jade Butterfly

Jeffrey Round

The Escape Artist

Judith Katz

The Missing Comatose Woman

Sarah Ettritch

Love Joy Heartache and Pain

John H. Ames

Change of Colors

Mason Lee

Freedom Angel

John Burdett

Gothic Lolita 2: Heirloom - Gothic Lolita #2

Lotus Rose


Christine Wunnicke

To Paris With Blood

Jeff Niewinski

The Assistance of Vice

Roberta Degnore

The Club At Cool Harbor

Christiane France