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Shift's End

A.R. Barley

Dreaming In Shadow

Susan-Alia Terry

The Sleeping Car Porter

Suzette Mayr

The Deadly Favour

Ruth Danes

Rooms - Women Writing Woolf

Sina Queyras

Come the Dark Night

David Tregarthen

A Warrior for Her

Brooke Campbell

The Warrior Within

Brooke Campbell

Coming Darkness

Susan-Alia Terry

One Flesh

Nick Sweet

Heroine Of Her Own Life

Constance Emmett

A Prison In The Sun

Isobel Blackthorn

Das Leben der Catharina R

Catharina Rehberg

Without Question

Pamela Christine

A Chronicle Of Chaos

D.M. Cain

Everything Will Be All Right

Constance Emmett

The Weary Blues

Langston Hughes

Tell Me You Love Me

Amanda Kaitlyn

The Companions

C.S. Luis

Dare To Love

Amanda Kaitlyn

On Strike Against God - A Love Story

Joanna Russ

The Light Streamed Beneath It - A Memoir of Grief and Celebration

Shawn Hitchins

Harlem Shadows - Poems

Claude McKay


Melissa Seal

October - A Novel

Michael Rowe

Enter Night - A Novel

Michael Rowe

All God's Children - A Novel of the American West

Aaron Gwyn


Melissa Seal

Coffee Days Whiskey Nights

Cyrus Parker

The Big Life of Little Richard

Mark Ribowsky