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Alcamia Payne

Sexuality and Social Justice in Africa - Rethinking Homophobia and Forging Resistance

Marc Epprecht

In a Queer Time and Place - Transgender Bodies Subcultural Lives

J. Jack Halberstam

A Ghost Story

J.P. Bowie

A Right To Love

Mark Frew

Confessions of a Presidential Speechwriter

Craig R. Smith

Clear Blue Sky

Jenna Byrnes


Suzette Mayr

Girl Fun Selections Three - A collection of five erotic stories

Eva Hore, Jeremy Edwards, Ashley Hind, Mark Farley, January James

Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers - A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America

Lillian Faderman

A Fairy's Embrace

Maggie Morton

The Terrible Girls

Rebecca Brown

Lesbian Images - Essays

Jane Rule

A Double Sacrifice

Jaxx Steele

Don’t Drink the Holy Water

Bailey Bradford

Stuck on Rewind

Dianne Hartsock

The Voices of Those Remaining

Christian Discher

An Unexpected Win

Jenna Byrnes


Joseph Hansen

Becoming a Man - Half a Life Story

Paul Monette

For Now For Always

Marianne K. Martin

The Torturer's Wife

Thomas Glave

Mandy in the Middle - A Sexy Threesome Bisexual Short Story from Steam Books

Steam Books, Melody Lewis

Faking Perfection

Mia Watts

Chasing Mercury

Kimberly Cooper Griffin

Sex and Cocktails

Meredith Russell


Edward Kendrick

Surprising Myself - A Novel

Christopher Bram

Heart and Soul

Ashley Ladd

Plastic Jesus

Poppy Z. Brite