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Religious Freedom and Populism - The Appropriation of a Human Right and How to Counter It

Bernd Hirschberger, Katja Voges

Utopia (Hero Classics)

Thomas More

Making a Movement - With the Disruptors Driving Social Change Around the World

Barney Cullum

The Christian Right in Europe - Movements Networks and Denominations

Gionathan Lo Mascolo

From Red Terror to Terrorist State - Russia's Secret Service and Its Fight for World Domination: from Felix Dzerzhinsky to Vladimir Putin

Yuri Felshtinsky, Vladimir Popov

Russian Cultural Diplomacy under Putin - Rossotrudnichestvo the “Russkiy Mir” Foundation and the Gorchakov Fund in 2007–2022

Nadiia Koval, Denys Tereshchenko

Pandemic Panic - How Canadian Government Responses to COVID-19 Changed Civil Liberties Forever

Joanna Baron, Christine Van Geyn

The Mosaic Effect - How the Chinese Communist Party Started a Hybrid War in America’s Backyard

Scott McGregor, Ian Mitchell

Observing Conflict Escalation in World Society - Ukraine's Maidan and Mali's Breakup

Richard Bösch

Update Liberalism - Liberal Answers to the Challenges of Our Time

Ralf Fücks, Rainald Manthe

Who Really Owns Ireland - How we became tenants in our own land - and what we can do about it

Matt Cooper

Propaganda Decoded

Birand Bingul

A Tale of Two Unions - The British Union and the European Union After Brexit

Mark Corner

A New Capitalism - Creating A Just Economy That Works for All

Frank Altman

Cosmos and Republic - Arendtian Explorations of the Loss and Recovery of Politics

Wolfgang R. Heuer

Basic Income - A Short Guide

Annie Miller

The Art of the Impossible - How to start a political party (and why you probably shouldn't)

Andrew Reid, Simon Carr

Countdown to Socialism - The National Democratic Revolution in South Africa Since 1994

Anthea Jeffery

The Integration Policies of Belarus and Ukraine vis-à-vis the EU and Russia - A Comparative Case Study Through the Prism of a Two-Level Games Approach

Victoria Leukavets

Wheels of normality - Building trust through standards

Alex Gertschen

Lines of Fire - A Renegade Writes on Strategy Intelligence and Security

Ralph Peters

Drawing Fire - Investigating the Accusations of Apartheid in Israel

Benjamin Pogrund

Social and Political Change in Revolutionary China

David S. G Goodman

Winning at War - 7 Keys to Military Victory Throughout History

Christian P Potholm

We Will Be Heard - Women's Struggles for Political Power in the United States

Jo Freeman

Is Ireland Neutral? - The Many Myths of Irish Neutrality

Conor Gallagher

Portugal and Slovakia in Comparative Perspective - Essays on Iberian-Slavic political social and cultural questions

Pieter C. van Duin, Zuzana Poláčková

Polycentric Water Governance in Spain - Understanding Determinants Patterns and Performance of Coordination

Nora Schütze

Hope & Despair

Neil Findlay

Reclaiming the Revolution - Extraordinary Adventures in Politics and Leadership at the Inflection Point of Industry 40

Stephen Barber