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The Torture Machine - Racism and Police Violence in Chicago

Flint Taylor

Antiracism - An Introduction

Alex Zamalin

Statebuilding by Imposition - Resistance and Control in Colonial Taiwan and the Philippines

Reo Matsuzaki

Political Survivors - The Resistance the Cold War and the Fight against Concentration Camps after 1945

Emma Kuby

The Costs of Conversation - Obstacles to Peace Talks in Wartime

Oriana Skylar Mastro

National Reckonings - The Last Judgment and Literature in Milton’s England

Ryan Hackenbracht

Proxy Wars - Suppressing Violence through Local Agents

David A. Lake, Eli Berman

Collapse - A World in Crisis and the Urgency of American Leadership

Douglas E. Schoen

Political Categories - Thinking Beyond Concepts

Michael Marder

To End All Wars New Edition - Woodrow Wilson and the Quest for a New World Order

Thomas Knock

The Pleasant Profession of Robert A Heinlein

Farah Mendlesohn

Our City - Migrants and the Making of Modern Birmingham

Jon Bloomfield

Generation Citizen - The Power of Youth in Our Politics

Scott Warren

Looking for Law in All the Wrong Places - Justice Beyond and Between

Marianne Constable, Leti Volpp, Bryan Wagner

Iran Rising - The Survival and Future of the Islamic Republic

Amin Saikal

Secret Wars - Covert Conflict in International Politics

Austin Carson

Into the Tempest - Essays on the New Global Capitalism

William I. Robinson

When Right Makes Might - Rising Powers and World Order

Stacie E. Goddard

Patriotism Is Not Enough - Harry Jaffa Walter Berns and the Arguments that Redefined American Conservatism

Steven F. Hayward

Mein Kampf

Adolf Hitler

Covert Regime Change - America's Secret Cold War

Lindsey A. O'Rourke

The Nazis - The Rise and Fall of History’s Most Evil Empire

Paul Roland

The New Authoritarianism - Vol 1: A Risk Analysis of the US Alt-Right Phenomenon

Alan Waring

Where We Are - The State of Britain Now

Roger Scruton

Nine Lives - My time as the West's top spy inside al-Qaeda

Paul Cruickshank, Tim Lister, Aimen Dean

Decolonizing Wealth - Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance

Edgar Villanueva

Alt-Right - From 4chan to the White House

Mike Wendling

Silicon States - The Power and Politics of Big Tech and What It Means for Our Future

Lucie Greene

State of Repression - Iraq under Saddam Hussein

Lisa Blaydes


Oleksandr Zinchenko, Volodymyr Viatrovych, Maksym Maiorov