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At 24Symbols we want to recommend you 24 books that we have read: our recipe to prevent deficiency states of reading's appetite. Click on each book to read the comment and find out what is the type of reader indicated or contraindicated for its reading. Here they come!

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Everyone and Everything

Nadine Cohen

Routine Matters

Neil Deane

Bitter & Sweet

Amal Awad

Gallow Falls

Alex Nye

Dead Man Driving

Lesley Kelly

He Should Have Told the Bees - A Novel

Amanda Cox

A Thousand Flying Things

Kathryn Brown Ramsperger

The Skeleton Man - The gripping mystery series set against the Cambridgeshire fen

Jim Kelly

Letters from My Sister - A Novel

Valerie Fraser Luesse


Faïza Guène

Lost Women

Neil Humphreys

The Profile Picture

Christine Ward

The Best Summer of Our Lives

Rachel Hauck

The Arrow Garden

Andrew J King

Ougat - From a hoe into a housewife and then some

Shana Fife

Gears for Queers

Abigail Melton, Lilith Cooper Cooper

The Marigold

Andrew F. Sullivan

Fly Like a Bird

Jana Zinser

In This Moment (Timeless Book #2)

Gabrielle Meyer

The Stories We Cannot Tell

Leslie A. Rasmussen

A River of Crows

Shanessa Gluhm


Aleph Katz

Arrested Song - the unforgettable story of an extraordinary woman in Greece during WW2 and its aftermath

Irena Karafilly

The Ladder

Michael Waterhouse

Appetite - A novel

Anita Cassidy

Everything Is Just Beginning - A Novel

Erin Bartels

A Match in the Making (The Matchmakers Book #1)

Jen Turano

Madelaine and the Forest

Beth Wood

The Undead

Rachel Caine

All the Lost Places

Amanda Dykes