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A Week in the Zone

Barry Sears, Deborah Kotz

Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco

Paula Wolfert

Beyond Nose to Tail - More Omnivorous Recipes for the Adventurous Cook

Fergus Henderson, Justin Piers Gellatly

A Geography of Oysters - The Connoisseur's Guide to Oyster Eating in North America

Rowan Jacobsen

The Detox Kitchen Bible

Lily Simpson, Rob Hobson

MasterChef: the Masters at Home - Recipes stories and photographs

Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Publishing

Sod it! Eat Well - Healthy Eating in Your 60s 70s and Beyond

Anita Bean, Muir Gray

The Family Kitchen - A cookbook for all occasions

Rob Kirby

The Warmest Room in the House - How the Kitchen Became the Heart of the Twentieth-Century American Home

Steven Gdula

The Boat Cookbook - Real Food for Hungry Sailors

Fiona Sims

The Rituals of Dinner - The Origins Evolution Eccentricities and Meaning of Table Manners

Margaret Visser

Dirty Dishes - A Restaurateur's Story of Passion Pain and Pasta

Andrew Friedman, Pino Luongo

A Southern Thanksgiving - Recipes and Musings for a Manageable Feast

Robb Forman Dew

Camille Glenn's Old-Fashioned Christmas Cookbook

Camille Glenn

Diet for a Hot Planet - The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork and What You Can Do About It

Anna Lappe

Kitchen Confidential

Anthony Bourdain

All or Nothing - One Chef's Appetite for the Extreme

Jesse Schenker

Aga Roast

Louise Walker

The Real Food Cookbook - Traditional Dishes for Modern Cooks

Nina Planck

Service Included

Phoebe Damrosch

Social Sweets

Jason Atherton

High on the Hog - A Culinary Journey from Africa to America

Jessica B. Harris

Funky Party - Party Food for Happy Children

Mark Northeast

Party Receipts from the Charleston Junior League

Linda Glick Conway

International Night - A Father and Daughter Cook Their Way Around the World *Including More than 250 Recipes*

Mark Kurlansky, Talia Kurlansky

The Perfect Egg

Aldo Buzzi

Dinner with Edward - A Story of an Unexpected Friendship

Isabel Vincent

SuperFoods Rx

Steven G. Pratt, Kathy Matthews

Hemingway & Bailey's Bartending Guide to Great American Writers

Mark Bailey

Apples of Uncommon Character - Heirlooms Modern Classics and Little-Known Wonders

Rowan Jacobsen