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Super Fly - The World's Smallest Superhero!

Todd H. Doodler

Good Eggs

Phoebe Potts

American Cornball - A Laffopedic Guide to the Formerly Funny

Christopher Miller

My First Dictionary

Ross Horsley

Mascot to the Rescue!

Peter David

Stick Dog Tries to Take the Donuts

Tom Watson

Planet Tad

Tim Carvell

A Kidnapped Santa Claus

L. Frank Baum, Alex Robinson

Stick Dog Chases a Pizza

Tom Watson

Joey and Johnny the Ninjas: Get Mooned

Kevin Serwacki, Chris Pallace

Cowboys and Aliens

Scott Mitchell Rosenberg

NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette

Nathan W. Pyle

Stick Dog

Tom Watson

Super Goofballs Book 3: Super Underwearand Beyond!

Peter Hannan

Al Jaffee's Mad Life - A Biography

Mary-Lou Weisman

Stick Dog Dreams of Ice Cream

Tom Watson

Badass: The Birth of a Legend - Spine-Crushing Tales of the Most Merciless Gods Monsters Heroes Villains and Mythical Creatures Ever Envisioned

Ben Thompson

Return to Planet Tad

Tim Carvell

Marvel Comics - The Untold Story

Sean Howe

Ice Cream & Sadness - More Comics from Cyanide & Happiness

Rob Denbleyker, Kris Wilson, Matt Melvin, Dave McElfatric

Lumberjanes #7

Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson

Clive Barker's Nightbreed #7

Marc Andreyko

Regular Show #13

Minty Lewis

John Flood #4

Justin Jordan

The Best of the Rejection Collection - 293 Cartoons That Were Too Dumb Too Dark or Too Naughty for The New Yorker

Matthew Diffee

Kennel Block Blues #3

Ryan Ferrier

Welcome Back #8

Christopher Sebela

Hexed: The Harlot & The Thief Vol 2

Michael Alan Nelson

Bill & Ted Go to Hell #3

Brian Jones

Klaus #3

Grant Morrison