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Vague Book

Erin Lee, Sara Schoen, Rita Delude, Jim Ody, LJC Fynn, Lorah Jaiyn

Darn It! - Traditional Female Skills That Everyone Should Know

Sarah Williams

Screw It! - Traditional Male Skills That Everyone Should Know

Kathleen Rose Smith

The Lancaster Bomber Pocket Manual - 1941-1945

Martine Robson

Sub Tweet

Sara Schoen, Rena Marin, Hope Sherrill, Caitlin L. McCulloch, Krystle Able, E.S. McMillan

Customer Service Training 101

Renee Evenson

This Time Tomorrow

Lainy Bradshaw

Winter's Rise - Winter’s Series #1

Breezy Jones

Christmas Lights on Evergreen Avenue

Tara Watson

Raising Grace

Mia Pride

The Devil's Den - Digging Up the Past Series #2

Brooke Myers

Bernard Beagle Breaks In

Daniel Murphy

Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun Part 5 - Book 5 of 5

Jamell Crouthers

Blade of the Black Heart - Blade of the Black Heart #1

JQ Berry

For Love of Piano and Friends

Francesco Chiappelli

Apollo 81 - Verus Foundation series

Matt Eaton

The Forbidden Temple - Sean Wyatt Adventure #16

Ernest Dempsey

Deadly Quotes Escaping Psychiatry 3 - Escaping Psychiatry #3

Olga Núñez Miret

A Christmas Wedding

Kimberly Grell

Ghost Black Spaceship - Esme Mullane Adventures #6

Meyari McFarland

Still Standing

Marie Krepps, Aurora Styles, David Quesenberry, Garrison Kelly, Larry Fort

Virgin Whore

Emma Maggie Solberg

The City Lament - Jerusalem across the Medieval Mediterranean

Tamar M. Boyadjian

The Sober Revolution - Appellation Wine and the Transformation of France

Joseph Bohling

Cherished Fortune - Make Your Wealth Your Business

Andrew Allentuck, Benoit Poliquin

Photographic Literacy - Cameras in the Hands of Russian Authors

Katherine M. H. Reischl

Obscene Pedagogies - Transgressive Talk and Sexual Education in Late Medieval Britain

Carissa M. Harris

Land-Grant Colleges and Popular Revolt - The Origins of the Morrill Act and the Reform of Higher Education

Nathan M. Sorber

The Refugee-Diplomat - Venice England and the Reformation

Diego Pirillo

Deep Water Dream - A Medical Voyage of Discovery in Rural Northern Ontario

Gretchen Roedde