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The Decision - A Vow to Accept the Truth

Marcia Daigo

Birdmania - A Remarkable Passion for Birds

Bernd Brunner

Canadian Failures - Stories of Building Toward Success

Alex Benay

Ten Decisions - Canada’s Best Worst and Most Far-Reaching Decisions of the Second World War

Larry D. Rose

Forcing Choice - The Risky Reward of Referendums

J. Patrick Boyer

Broken - Broken #1

Candace Dowds

Azra of the Burning Sands - Azra

Aaron Smith, Arlin Fehr

Transformations - Uncollected Anthology #14

Leah Cutter

Inked Hearts - Lines in the Sand #1

Lindsay Detwiler

The Fairy Bridge Troll - Seattle Trolls #3

Leah Cutter

Pseudo Stars

Anthony J. Langford

The Undergrowth - & other stories

Robert Horne

Not Fit To Govern - Essays on Liberal Democracy

Steve Davis

Flash Point - The Extinction Series #2

Miranda Nading

Pandemonium - Poker Kingdom #2

V. Cervilla

Echoes of Harmony

Miranda Nading

City of Betrayal - City of Spires #2

Claudie Arseneault

Our Lesbian Holiday

Rory Hitch

Hard Hard Religion - Interracial Faith in the Poor South

John Hayes


John Smelcer

Trump in the White House - Tragedy and Farce

John Bellamy Foster

The Therapy Journal

Steven Wineman

The Rock

Maureen Mendelowitz

Peninsula Sinking

David Huebert

Old and Sick in America - The Journey through the Health Care System

Muriel R. Gillick M.D.

Taking My Time

Jan Norman

Not Alone - 11 Inspiring Stories of Courageous Widows from the Bible

Miriam Neff

Whispers of the Himalaya

Ajayan Borys

Stand Up to Stigma - How We Reject Fear and Shame

Pernessa C. Seele

Editing the Soul - Science and Fiction in the Genome Age

Everett Hamner