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The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas

An Accidental Murderer - The Sydney Legal Series #1

Chris Taylor

When Hope is Lost - Will your spirit break free or be destroyed?

Neha Khandkar

Life: A brush with love

Elise Noble

Ranter's Wharf

Rosemary Noble

Maid in Space: Part 2 - Maid in Space #2

Amber Stuart

Bound to be Tested - Emergence #3

Becca Jameson

Volition's Face - Personification and the Will in Renaissance Literature

Andrew Escobedo

Like Falling Stars

Avalon Roselin

Obsessions - The Twisted Cruelty

Francesco Bisagni

Balint Matters - Psychosomatics and the Art of Assessment

Jonathan Sklar

Twenty-First Century Psychoanalysis

Thomas Svolos

The New Analyst's Guide to the Galaxy - Questions about Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Antonino Ferro, Luca Nicoli

Helixweaver - The Warren Brood #2

Bartholomew Lander

Bitter Betrayal

Amanda M. Thrasher

Kidnapped Nation - MedAir Series #6

Braxton DeGarmo

Disarm: A Gun Sense Anthology - Black Heart Digital Anthologies #2

John Berry, B. Morris Allen, Hobie Anthony, Erin Armstrong, Kate Berrio, Heidi Blanke, Dani J. Caile

Vengeance - The Blackthorn Brothers #3

Cali MacKay

Trespassers Will Be Prostituted - Gotcha Detective Agency Mystery

Jamie Lee Scott

Gone Daddy Gone - Sloane Monroe Series

Cheryl Bradshaw

Life's Turned Upside Down - The Show Me Series #3

Anne Stone

Cook or Say Die - Unlikely Partners #6

Sandra Sookoo

Love's Misadventure - The Mason Sibling Series

Cheri Champagne

Meeting the American Diabetes Association Standards of Care

Mayer B. Davidson, Stanley H Hsia

Twist And Thorns

Promise Soore

From Time to Time

Marius A. Smith

Awesome Love

Bernard Levine

Multilingual Interaction and Dementia

Charlotta Plejert, Camilla Lindholm, Dr. Robert W. Schrauf

Providing Health Care in the Context of Language Barriers - International Perspectives

Elizabeth A. Jacobs, Lisa C. Diamond

Tatter and Shine

JW Troemner