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The Old Testament for a Complex World - How the Bible's Dynamic Testimony Points to New Life for the Church

Cameron B. R. Howard

Manpower and the Armies of the British Empire in the Two World Wars

Mark Frost, Douglas E. Delaney, Andrew L. Brown

Psychiatric Casualties - How and Why the Military Ignores the Full Cost of War

Mark Russell, Charles Figley

Pigs at a Party

Hans Wilhelm

Unfixable Forms - Disability Performance and the Early Modern English Theater

Katherine Schaap Williams

The Art of Preaching Old Testament Narrative

Steven D. Mathewson

Police Visibility - Privacy Surveillance and the False Promise of Body-Worn Cameras

Bryce Clayton Newell

LatCrit - From Critical Legal Theory to Academic Activism

Steven W. Bender, Francisco Valdes

The Currency of Empire - Money and Power in Seventeenth-Century English America

Jonathan Barth

A Medicated Empire - The Pharmaceutical Industry and Modern Japan

Timothy M. Yang

Stitching the 24-Hour City - Life Labor and the Problem of Speed in Seoul

Seo Young Park

Facing Reality - Two Truths about Race in America

Charles Murray

Night Neon: Tales of Mystery and Suspense

Joyce Carol Oates

Emma's Laugh - The Gift of Second Chances - A Memoir

Diana Kupershmit

Theorizing Folklore from the Margins - Critical and Ethical Approaches

Solimar Otero, Mintzi Auanda Martínez-Rivera

The Oath - The Druid Chronicles Book One

A.M. Linden

Resolved - Uniting Nations in a Divided World

Ban Ki-moon

Trans Medicine - The Emergence and Practice of Treating Gender

Stef M. Shuster

The Killing Hills

Chris Offutt

Jazz Places - How Performance Spaces Shape Jazz History

Kimberly Hannon Teal

Hard Like Water

Yan Lianke

The Everyday Lives of Sovereignty - Political Imagination beyond the State

Madeleine Reeves, Rebecca Bryant

Sin Sick - Moral Injury in War and Literature

Joshua Pederson

Energy Islands - Metaphors of Power Extractivism and Justice in Puerto Rico

Catalina M de Onís

The Book of Acts as Story - A Narrative-Critical Study

David R. Bauer

Dweller in Shadows - A Life of Ivor Gurney

Kate Kennedy

WWGD - What Would Grampa Do?

Bradley Malone

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese - Paternalism's Daughter

Deborah A. Symonds

The Alaskan Alibi

Stephen Frost

Policing and decolonisation

David Anderson, David Killingray