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Deadly Fun - Mapleton Mystery #9

Terry Odell

Jessica Blackstone in Venus - A Spy Story #26

M.E. Wolf

The Chocolatier - Erotic Myths and Sexy Tales #2

Ina Morata

Rebel - Wolfes of Manhattan #1

Helen Hardt

Pauline & Melissa - young adult

John Blandly

Bourbon Maple Bliss - The Donut Series #24

John Brugge

Business Aviation Leadership - From the Traits to the Trenches

Christopher Mark Broyhill

Lilitu - Erotic Myths and Sexy Tales #1

Ina Morata

Capo Dei Capi - Secrets Of The Famiglia #1

Shan R.K

Deceived - ALIAS #4

Lisa Hughey

Trouble in the Land of Giving - Australian Charities Fraud and the State

William de Maria

The Robbery of Nature - Capitalism and the Ecological Rift

John Bellamy Foster, Brett Clark

Widening the Mantle - Shaman States of America: The Mantle

Chrishaun Keller-Hanna, W.T. Meadows

Secret Cat Business - 7 Steps to a Meowingly Good Life

Esther L Daniell

Blood Rebellion - Supernatural Intelligence Agency #1

Nadine Travers

Last But Not Lease - The ABCs of Spellcraft #5

Jordan Castillo Price

The Confectioner Chronicles - The Confectioner Chronicles #4

Claire Luana

Two Hearts Born to Love - Choices: Tarkio MC #3

Debra Kayn

Devil's Spawn - Satan's Devils MC Colorado Chapter #6

Manda Mellett

Jarrod - Saints and Sinners #1

Kaithlin Shepherd

It is What it is - contemporary romance

Icy Rivers


Ava Kelly

To Me With Love - Looking Beyond the Pain of the Past to Find Self-Acceptance

Tambre Ross

High and Dry

Eric Walters

Uneven Innovation - The Work of Smart Cities

Jennifer Clark

In the Matter of Nat Turner - A Speculative History

Christopher Tomlins

letters to the person i was

Sana Abuleil

Cops Cameras and Crisis - The Potential and the Perils of Police Body-Worn Cameras

Michael D. White, Aili Malm

Distributed Blackness - African American Cybercultures

Jr. Brock

Let the People Rule - How Direct Democracy Can Meet the Populist Challenge

John G. Matsusaka