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The Lone Wolf - Wolf #3

Penelope Sky

Stress-Less Leadership

Nadine Greiner

Vanishing in the Haight

Max Tomlinson

The Presence of Evil

J.T. Patten

Bee a Butterfly

Tom Reuter

Odds of Love - Scandal Meets Love #4

Dawn Brower

Hawksbill Station

Robert Silverberg

Heinrich Neuhaus - A Life beyond Music

Maria Razumovskaya

Of Blood and Magic - Cursed by Blood Saga

Marianne Morea

Blood Crusade

Billita Jacobsen

Kindled Legends: A Burning Embers Anthology

Maria Vermisoglou, James Quinlan Meservy, Alicia Scarborough, Rachel Pudsey, T.E. Bradford

The Sacrificial Lamb (A Reverend Margot Quade Cozy Mystery Novella #2) - Reverend Margot Quade Cozy Mysteries #2

Sarah Biglow

Truck Stopped - Satan's Devils MC #11

Manda Mellett

Needle in a Timestack - And Other Stories

Robert Silverberg

Captivate - The Submerged Sun Series #1

Vanessa Garden

Beware the Darkness

Alexandra Ivy

Check Six - A Kate Darby Crime Novel #3

Jamie Lee Scott


Marlon Lett

Finding Home

Denise Janette Bruneau

Gunslingers and Shallow Graves

E. W. Farnsworth

Up the Line

Robert Silverberg

Risky Love (A Dirty Little Secrets Duet) - Dirty Hacker #2

Stacey Kennedy

Indonesian for Beginners - Learning Conversational Indonesian (With Free Online Audio)

Katherine Davidsen, Yusep Cuandani

Confessions From Your Fat Friend

Paige Fieldsted

Tangled in Ivy - Penny Smut

Bastille Winters

The Game of Time

Felicia Fredlund

Nearing September - A Lakewood Romance #5

Amber Thielman

Her Cowboy Sheriff - Montana Skies Series

Ivy James

Tides of Time - The Legacy #1

Luna Joya

Behind the Stick

Brigham Vaughn, K. Evan Coles