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The Devil Shall Not Prevail - Unshakable Confidence in God's Almighty Power

A. W. Tozer, James L. Snyder

Integrating Psychology and Faith - Models for Christian Engagement

Paul Moes, Blake Riek

Hard Times (Legend Classics)

Charles Dickens

The Bible and Reconciliation (A Catholic Biblical Theology of the Sacraments) - Confession Repentance and Restoration

James B. Prothro

His Duty to Fulfill - a Sweet Military Romance

Shanae Johnson

My Quiet Blacksmith Life in Another World: Volume 8


Westy Martin in the Rockies

Percy Keese Fitzhugh

Pragmatism and idealism

William Caldwell

A Cave King’s Road to Paradise: Climbing to the Top with My Almighty Mining Skills! (Manga) Volume 4

Hajime Naehara

The Eternal Legacy - Beyond the treasure a journey towards ancestral legacy and self-discovery

Agustin Rosa Marin

Westy Martin

Percy Keese Fitzhugh

Young Lady Albert Is Courting Disaster (Manga) Volume 5

Saki Saki

Westy Martin on the Santa Fe Trail

Percy Keese Fitzhugh

Rebuild World (Manga) Volume 6


Knights and their Days

John Doran

I Could Never Be a Succubus! Volume 1

Nora Kohigashi

To Face a Lion

Gabriel Huffman

Hell Mode (Manga): Volume 2


Did I Seriously Just Get Reincarnated as My Gag Character?! (Manga) Volume 4

Otonashi Kanade

My Instant Death Ability is So Overpowered No One in This Other World Stands a Chance Against Me! —AΩ— Volume 8

Tsuyoshi Fujitaka

Rebirth - Ascending America - Invisible Battles

Kate Duong

The secret of a Count - The power of a woman when she falls in love with the right man

Dama Beltrán

Working with Midpoints - Your Key to Predictive Precision and Astrological Insight

Kathy Allan

Sex Education - A BDSM Club Age Gap Romance

Emilia Rose

The Farmer’s Code - How Legacies are Built

Mike C. Young

Lift Off - 12 Things to Know Before Selling Your Business

Sharon Heaton

Let Me Save You 25 Years - Mistakes Miracles and Lessons from the Lovesac Story

Shawn D. Nelson

Walk Out of Your Mess - 40 Days to Seeing God's Miracles at Work in Your Life

Samuel Rodriguez

Leading for Impact - The CEO's Guide to Influencing with Integrity

Jennifer Schielke

Abiding in His Presence - The Secret to Waging War and Bearing Fruit

Chuck D. Pierce, Alemu Beeftu