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Hollow Bones

B. Narr

Shattered Dream - Prisoners of Hope #1

Rebecca Carey Lyles

IN SEARCH OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING - Towards the final answer to the mystery of existence

Abed Peerally

A Feast of Christmas Stories: Unwrap a Sussex Tale

Chindi Authors

Ashes to Ashes - The Immortal Grimm Brothers' Guide to Sociopathic Princesses #2

M. J. Padgett

Boy in Luv - In Luv Duet


Witchin' Tricks: Magic and Mayhem Universe

Lissa Matthews

Pull of the Moon - Midnight Whispers #7

Sylvie Kurtz


Erin Lee, M W Brown

Jessica Blackstone in Blue Mountain - A Spy Story #8

M.E. Wolf

The Haunted Love Affair

Constance Bretes

Wicked Chaos: Magic and Mayhem Universe

Teresa Gabelman

The Lunar Promise - The Ayla St John Chronicles #5

C.J. Pinard

Half Truths - Secret Society #1

Claire Contreras

One Shot - Black Stallion Studios #1

Vicki Tharp

Dearly Beloved: Magic and Mayhem Universe - Poppy Carlyle Chronicles #3

Boone Brux

Aeternae Noctis Collection

Jade Kerrion

I Want Your Hex: Magic and Mayhem Universe - Hex Drive #3

Renee George

Holiday Magic: Magic and Mayhem Universe

Amy Gregory

Can You See Me? Darkly Erotic Tales of Voyeurism

Ina Morata

Bear Witchness: Magic and Mayhem Universe

Mina Carter

A Witchin' Hallows' Eve: Magic and Mayhem Universe - Magick and Chaos #10

Isabel Micheals

10 Ways to Coerce a Stubborn Curse: Magic and Mayhem Universe - The Cursed Quartet

Virginia Nelson

Alice in Jinxland: Magic and Mayhem Universe - Jinxed by Love #3

Cherie Marks

Starving with the Stars - The Extra Series #5

Megan Walker, Janci Patterson

Abducting the Princess - Nightmix #2

Mel Teshco

Falling For the Foe - Color-Blind Love #1

Milla Holt

Honest Deception

Aliyah Burke

Ghoul Me Once: Magic and Mayhem Universe - Shifted #2

R.L. Merrill

Wicked Fire - Angel Fire #2

Marie Johnston