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The Magic Within

Allison M Boot

Literary Obscenities - US Case Law and Naturalism after Modernism

Erik M. Bachman

Plot Twist - Romance in Rehoboth #3

K.L. Montgomery

Lost Creed - Ryder Creed #4

Alex Kava

Courage in the Face of Evil

Mark Shaw

Mr Darcy's Comfort: A Pride and Prejudice Novella - Dash of Darcy and Companion Stories

Leenie Brown

How Borges Wrote

Daniel Balderston

Rethink Happiness - Dare to Embrace God and Experience True Joy

Paul George

Go Bravely - Becoming the Woman You Were Created to Be

Emily Wilson Hussem

Posthumanism in Young Adult Fiction - Finding Humanity in a Posthuman World

Anita Tarr, Donna R. White

Crazy-Stressed - Saving Today's Overwhelmed Teens with Love Laughter and the Science of Resilience

Michael Bradley

The Perfect Retreat

Kate Forster

Faction 9 - A Novel of Revolution

James Firelocke

A Virtue Of Disobedience

Asim Qureshi

The Cage - Masters at Midnight novellas

Saskia Walker

Bottled in Bond: Bourbonland Short Stories and Novellas #5 - Bourbonland Short Stories and Novellas #5

Jennifer Bramseth

Seven Sexy Sins Club #3: Rear Entry - Seven Sexy Sins Club #3

Jade Bleu

The Perfect Location

Kate Forster

Wicked Doll - Velicious #3

Shelique Lize

Fun Jokes for Funny Kids - Jokes riddles and brain-teasers for kids 6-10

Myles O'Smiles

Dear Tiger: Help Me Find My Sisters - Letters Across Space #6

Carlie Simonsen

America: A Country Divided

Jamell Crouthers

Tinderbox Under Winter Stars - The Tinderbox Tales #2

Emma Sterner-Radley

Billionaire Cowboy's Conquest

Marie Tuhart

Magic After Midnight - After the FIre #2

C. Gockel

Lady - A Dark(ish) Faerie Tale #2

Candace Blevins

Listening to the Bees

Mark Winston, Renée Sarojini Saklikar

Little Wild

Curtis LeBlanc

On the Line - A History of the British Columbia Labour Movement

Rod Mickleburgh

After the Hatching Oven

David Alexander