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The Goddess Book - A Celebration of Witches Queens Healers and Crones

Nancy Blair

Blackberry Beach - A Hope Harbor Novel

Irene Hannon

Branding Bhakti - Krishna Consciousness and the Makeover of a Movement

Nicole Karapanagiotis

Present Danger (Rocky Mountain Courage Book #1)

Elizabeth Goddard

Religious Television and Pious Authority in Pakistan

Taha Kazi

Take Back What the Devil Stole - An African American Prophet's Encounters in the Spirit World

Onaje X. O. Woodbine

How to Measure a World? - A Philosophy of Judaism

Martin Shuster

Lineages of the Literary - Tibetan Buddhist Polymaths of Socialist China

Nicole Willock

A Partial Enlightenment - What Modern Literature and Buddhism Can Teach Us About Living Well Without Perfection

Avram Alpert

30 Days with Married Saints - A Catholic Couples’ Devotional

Kent Lasnoski, Caitlin Lasnoski

Druidry Handbook - Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Living Earth

John Michael Greer

Nine Essential Conversations before You Say I Do

Gary Thomas, Steve Wilke, Rebecca Wilke

Busking the Gospel - Ordained Ministry in Secular Employment

James M. M. Francis

A Lifelong Love - Discovering How Intimacy with God Breathes Passion into Your Marriage

Gary Thomas

Scandalous Grace - A Book for Tired Christians Seeking Rest

Preston M. Sprinkle

Nonviolence - The Revolutionary Way of Jesus

Preston M. Sprinkle

Until Unity

Francis Chan

When god writes to you - Daughter Edition

Reich Detlev

When god writes to you - Son Edition

Reich Detlev

Fight for Their Hearts - Hope and Help for Every Dad

Kenny Dallas, Tim Sexton, Robert Noland

Rumi's Little Book of Wisdom


A Patchwork Past (Plain Patterns Book #2)

Leslie Gould

What is God's Mission in the World and How Do We Join It?

Juan Francisco Martinez, Jamie Pitts

What Is the Church and Why Does It Exist?

David E. Fitch

Night Fall (The Quantico Files Book #1)

Nancy Mehl

Tidewater Bride

Laura Frantz

Wild Wisdom - Zen Masters Mountain Monks and Rebellious Eccentrics Reflect on the Healing Power of Nature

Neil Douglas-Klotz

The Heart of a Hero (Global Search and Rescue Book #2)

Susan May Warren

Unyielding Hope (When Hope Calls Book #1)

Janette Oke, Laurel Oke Logan

The Kissing Tree - Four Novellas Rooted in Timeless Love

Karen Witemeyer, Regina Jennings, Amanda Dykes, Nicole Deese