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The Song of the Sirin

Nicholas Kotar

Dragon Speaker

Elana A. Mugdan

The Rover Boys on the Ocean

Edward Stratemeyer

Astounding Stories 15 March 1931

Ray Cummings

Angel Food: Little Talks to Little Folks

Rev. Gerald T. Brennan

This Is the End

Stella Benson


Olive Wadsley

Daniel Boone (Thwaites)

Reuben Gold Thwaites

Genocide and Mass Violence in Asia - An Introductory Reader

Frank Jacob

The Gambler

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Golda Meir - A Political Biography

Meron Medzini

Bible (DBY) NT 05: Acts

Darby Bible

Tales of Folk and Fairies

Katharine Pyle

The Bells

Edgar Allan Poe

Kant on Love

Pärttyli Rinne

The People's Idea of God

Mary Baker Eddy

A-Birding on a Bronco A

Florence A. Merriam

Maccabe's Art of Ventriloquism and Vocal Illusions

Frederic Maccabe

Dorothy Dale's Great Secret

Margaret Penrose

Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Rudolf Erich Raspe

The Emerald City of Oz Version 2

L. Frank Baum

Mystery of the Hidden Room

Marion Harvey

What Men Live By and Other Tales

Leo Tolstoy

Watchman and Other Poems

Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Midnight Queen

May Agnes Fleming

Across The Years

Eleanor H. Porter

Great Expectations (Version 1)

Charles Dickens

Parallel Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans Vol 4

Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus


Aristotle Aristotle

Trials and Confessions of a Housekeeper

T. S. Arthur