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Farewell to Shulamit - Spatial and Social Diversity in the Song of Songs

Carsten L. Wilke

FREE Mountaineering Books: eBook Sampler - Vertebrate Publishing eBooks for the adventurous from Tilman Terray Tasker Scott MacIntyre Fowler Diemberger Messner and Heckmair

Reinhold Messner

We Still Kill The Old Way

Nick Oldham

The Book of MPub: New Perspectives on Technology and Publishing

Vanessa Chan, Kathleen Fraser, Cari Ferguson, Cynara Geissler, Ann-Marie Metten, Suzette Smith

A Few Things I've Learned Along The Way

Karen Miracle

Bloomsbury YA 2013 Thriller eSampler


Hit Count - Special Preview - The First 7 Chapters plus Bonus Material

Chris Lynch

Dance of Shadows: Chapters 1-3

Yelena Black

John Saul's The Blackstone Chronicles Vol 1

John Saul

The Bible King James version - Book 4: Numbers


A Typological Perspective on Latvian Grammar

Andra Kalnaca

Easy Recipes for Christmas Cooking - A short collection of receipes from Sheila Kiely Paul Callaghan and Rosanne Hewitt-Cromwell

Sheila Kiely , Rosanne Hewitt-Cromwell, Paul Callaghan

Instruments for New Music - Sound Technology and Modernism

Thomas Patteson

Russia in the Reign of Aleksei Mikhailovich

Grigorii Karpovich Kotoshikhin

Roses are Blue

Diet van Velzel

The Algonquin Reader - Spring 2014

Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill

Best of 2014

Trinity University Press

Buzz Books 2017: Young Adult Spring Summer - Exclusive Excerpts from 20 Top New Titles

Publishers Lunch

A Quest of Heroes: The Graphic Novel (Episode #1)

Morgan Rice

Caliber Rounds #1

Mayern Briem, Philip Steven Jones, Gary Reed, Ben Sherrill, Kevin Van Hook

The Trial (Wisehouse Classics Edition)

Franz Kafka


Jo Tannah

Calling All Irregulars

Len Bakerloo

Free Christmas Fiction Sampler - eBook [ePub]

Vannetta Chapman, Ace Collins, Barbara Cameron, Jennifer Allee, Myra Johnson

From Extreme Violence to the Problem of Civility - A Selection from Violence and Civility: On the Limits of Political Philosophy

Étienne Balibar

Major Trends in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics 1 - Selected Papers from the 20th ISTAL

Nikolaos Lavidas, Thomaï Alexiou, Areti Maria Sougari

Social Media - Why your business should use social media!

GmbH Kunst und Kollegen Kommunikationsagentur

The Vile Desire to Scream - A Novella

Oisín McGann

The Kama Sutra: The Ultimate Guide to the Secrets of Erotic Pleasure


Oaths and Swearing in Ancient Greece

Alan H. Sommerstein, Isabelle C. Torrance