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Aleph Katz

Worlds Seperated

Tyler Wilson

Death of a Fallen

Kelly Hollingshead

The Undead

Rachel Caine

Cold Kiss

Rachel Caine

The Country of the Blind - And Other Stories

H. G. Wells

Still So Strange

Amanda Downum

Reincarnate - A Paranormal Thriller

Dean Serraville

The Sword of Light

Adam K. Watts


Lorelei Bell

The Morgens' Lair

John Bentley

Queen of the Seas

James C Fuller

Dark Allies Dark Adversaries

Oz Mari G., S.J. Powell

Darker Elements

Jesse Wilson

Jack And Anna - Back To Winnipeg

R.S. Penney

Dragon Fire

S.A. Laughlin

Guardian Of The Dark Slap

Helen Susan Swift

Land of the Leprechaun

Lance Kerrigan

Revenge of the Demon

S.A. Laughlin

Uncharted Land Between

S.A. Laughlin

Mystic Moon Warriors

S.A. Laughlin

A Pillar Of Light

R.S. Penney

The Ancient Gate

R.S. Penney

Malice Reflected in Black and Blood

H.G. Sansostri

The Fireborn Road

L.G. Surgeson

Scarlet Phoenix

C.A. Wilke


Natalie J. Case


David N. Pauly

Myths - A Nostraterra Fantasy Novel

David N. Pauly

Tales of Troy and Greece

Andrew Lang