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The One Day Event

Hazel Beecroft

Doppelganger Night (Unnatural Lover #7) - Unnatural Lover #7

Mac Flynn

Asher's War - Asher Benson #3

Jason Brant

Tooth and Nayelle - Part Two - Tooth and Nayelle #2

Dawn Michelle

Demon Destroyer

james J. Deeney

Like a Rock - Disordery Elements #1

Mason Winters, Olivette Devaux

Surviving The Evacuation Book 05: Zombies vs The Living Dead - Surviving The Evacuation

Frank Tayell

Pickman's Model

H.P. Lovecraft

Divinities Entangled (Eve of Light Book II) - Eve of Light #2

Harambee K. Grey-Sun

Raindrops On Blood

Cia Leah

Zombies: More Recent Dead

Paula Guran

Separation Anxiety (Unnatural Lover #6) - Unnatural Lover #6

Mac Flynn

The Harvest of Souls

James Goss

Carnacki: The Ghost-Finder

William Hope Hodgson

Dragon Fury - The Eldritch Files #0

Phaedra Weldon

The Magician

William Somerset Maugham

Wicked City

Tracey H. Kitts

Craved - Gwen Sparks Series #1

Stephanie Nelson

For a Good Time Call Loki - The Loki Adventures #3

Dawn Blair

A Full Moon Over a Desolate Plain

Thea Hutcheson

Changeling: An Immortal Tale

Sarah Rayne

The Hunter and The Healer: A Werewolf Hunter Paranormal Romance

Autumn Aere

The One in Light - The Prime Insurgency Series #1

J.D. Stonebridge

The Haunts & Horrors Megapack - 31 Modern & Classic Stories

Lawrence Watt-Evans, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Seabury Quinn, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Cynthia Ward

Mount Misery - A Novel

Angelo Peluso

The Breadwinner

Stevie Kopas

The Wicked and the Dead

Eric Wallace

Sea Ghosts

Alan Place

The Desolate

Brian J. Jarrett

The Haunting of Hex House - Young Adult Horror #3

Jackson Dean Chase