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A Winter's Night - A thrilling mix of history and fantasy for fans of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series

Theodore Brun

The House of a Hundred Whispers

Graham Masterton

The Haunted South - Where Ghosts Still Roam

Nancy Roberts

Horror Short Stories

H. P. Lovecraft

The French Adventure - Escape to France with this heartwarming feel-good romance

Lucy Coleman

Supernatural Short Stories

Bram Stoker

Death Notes

Sarah Rayne


Amanda Desiree

Cold Boy's Wood

Carol Birch

The Evil Within

S M Hardy

Cold Quarry - A Codi Sanders Thriller

Brent Ladd

Possessed - The chilling crime novel loaded with twists and turns

Peter Laws

Two White Queens and the One-Eyed Jack

Heidi von Palleske

The Children God Forgot

Graham Masterton

Song of the Sandman

J-F. Dubeau

The Best of H P Lovecraft

H. P. Lovecraft

Famous Modern Ghost Stories

Dorothy Scarborough

Floating Staircase

Ronald Malfi

December Park

Ronald Malfi

Cradle Lake

Ronald Malfi


Nick Mamatas

Night Things

Thomas F. Monteleone

The 'Geisters

David Nickle

Night Train

Thomas F. Monteleone

Rasputin's Bastards

David Nickle

Fearful Symmetries

Thomas F. Monteleone

Knife Fight - And Other Struggles

David Nickle


Thomas F. Monteleone

Monstrous Affections - Stories

David Nickle

Almost Dark - A Novel

Letitia Trent