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Hands Through Stone - How Clarence Ray Allen Masterminded Murder from Behind Folsom's Prison Walls

James A. Ardaiz

7 Long Times

Piri Thomas

Hanged At Liverpool

Steven Fielding

To Hatred Turned - Everything is Bigger in Texas Including the Crimes

Ken Englade

A Descent Into Hell

Kathryn Casey

Actual Malice

Breton Peace

The Serial Killers Pure Evil - The serial killers #1

rodney cannon

The Setup - A True Story of Dirty Cops Soccer Moms and Reality TV

Pete Crooks

Narrative of My Captivity Among the Sioux Indians

Fanny Kelly

Bella In The Wych Elm - In Search Of

Andrew Sparke

Dime Novel Desperadoes - The Notorious Maxwell Brothers

John E. Hallwas

Missing You - Australia's Most Mysterious Unsolved MIssing Person's Cases

Justine Ford

Cops & Robbers: Dragnet #46

Classics Reborn Audio Publishing

The Black Hand

Chris Blatchford

The Road Out of Hell - Sanford Clark and the True Story of the Wineville Murders

Anthony Flacco, Jerry Clark

Brady and Hindley - Genesis of the Moors Murders

Fred Harrison

Shallow Graves - The Concealments of Killers

Paul B. Kidd

Mystery: Dragnet #16

Classics Reborn Audio Publishing

The Monster Butler - Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer

Allan Nicol

Killers in Cold Blood - Chilling Murders That Make Your Skin Creep and Your Stomach Turn

Rodney Castleden, Ray Black, Ian & Clare Welch

Lord High Executioner - An Unashamed Look at Hangmen Headsmen and Their Kind

Howard Engel

Australian Ripping Yarns - Cannibal Convicts Macabre Murders Wanton Women and Living Legends

Paul Taylor

Detective: Dragnet #10

Classics Reborn Audio Publishing

Kingpin - Prisoner of the War on Drugs

Richard Stratton

Delicious Way to Earn a Living

Michael Bateman


Nicolas M. Parker

Police Story: Dragnet #32

Classics Reborn Audio Publishing

Big Stick-Up at Brink's!

Noel Behn

A Fool's Gold

William E. Merritt

Succession - Affiliated #5

Loulou Emm