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Betrayed - A mother's battle for justice

Carol Thompson

A Privileged Witness - The Truth About Billionaire Edmond Safra's Death

Ted Maher, Bill Hayes, Jennifer D. Thomas

Finders Keepers - The Story of a Man Who Found $1 Million

Mark Bowden

The Von Bülow Affair - The Objective Behind-the-Scenes Account of the Shocking Attempted Murder Case

William Wright

White Mischief - The Murder of Lord Erroll

James Fox

Serial Killers

Charlotte Greig

Metal Men - Marc Rich and the $10 Billion Scam

A. Craig Copetas

Gentle Johnny Ramensky - The Extraordinary True Story of the Safe Blower Who Became a War Hero

Robert Jeffrey

Crimwife - An Insider’s Account of Love Behind Bars

Tayna Levin

Fruit Of A Poisoned Tree - A True Story Of Murder And The Miscarriage Of Justice

Antony Altbeker

The Shooting of Rabbit Wells - A White Cop a Young Man of Color and an American Tragedy

William Loizeaux

What Happened to Mickey? - The Life and Death of Donald "Mickey" McDonald Public Enemy No 1

Peter McSherry

Inside Out

Parc Prisoners

Evil Serial Killers - In the Minds of Monsters [Fully Illustrated]

Charlotte Greig

The Big Eddy Club - The Stocking Stranglings and Southern Justice

David Rose

Don't Forget Maude - The Tale of Two Sisters

Catherine Kenney Wilcoxson

Jack the Ripper's Streets of Terror - Life During the Reign of Victorian London's Most Brutal Killer

Rupert Matthews

Chloroform - The Quest for Oblivion

Linda Stratmann

Trial by Fire - A Personal Journey of Consciousness Power & Freedom

Kaia Anderson

Paul B Kidd's 50 Australian Crimes of the 20th Century - Beyond Horror the Perpetrators are Evil Beyond Belief

Paul B. Kidd

Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide

Federal Bureau of Investigation Federal Bureau of Investigation

Bygone Punishments

William Andrews

Folsom's 93 - The Lives and Crimes of Folsom Prison's Executed Men

April Moore

The Last to Die - Ronald Turpin Arthur Lucas and the End of Capital Punishment in Canada

Robert J. Hoshowsky

Richie - A Father His Son and the Ultimate American Tragedy

Thomas Thompson

Closing Time - The True Story of the "Goodbar" Murder

Lacey Fosburgh

As Thick As Thieves - Foolish Felons & Loopy Laws

Richard O Smith

Secret Partners - Big Tom Brown and the Barker Gang

Tim Mahoney

Deadly Deception - A True Story of Duplicity Greed Dangerous Passions and One Woman's Courage

Brenda Gunn, Shannon Richardson

Not Lost Forever

Carmina Salcido, Steve Jackson