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The Price of the Haircut - Stories

Brock Clarke

Blindsided by the Taliban - A Journalist’s Story of War Trauma Love and Loss

Carmen Gentile

Talk Southern to Me - Stories & Sayings to Accent Your Life

Julia Fowler

How to Appear Normal at Social Events - And Other Essential Wisdom

Lord Birthday

The QWERTY MAN - Type Swipe Don't believe the hype

Dan Savery Raz

Single Girl Problems - Why Being Single Isn't a Problem to Be Solved

Andrea Bain

Woman at 1000 Degrees - A Novel

Hallgrímur Helgason

The Perpetual Summer

Adam Walker Phillips

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3 4

Sue Townsend

Does the Name Pavlov Ring a Bell? - 879 Hilarious Puns to Test Your Wit

Gary Blake

Motherhood Is a B#tch - 10 Steps to Regaining Your Sanity Sexiness and Inner Diva

Lyss Stern

Because I Said So - And Other Unreasonable Tales of Motherhood

Shari Low

Clownfish Blues - A Novel

Tim Dorsey

The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole

Sue Townsend

Blackbird - A Novel

Michael Fiegle

We're Asleep Dad

Simon Key

Relationship Jokes

Jeo King

Just Keeping It Simple

Darren Hobson

Sex Jokes


Office Jokes

Jeo King

Latest jokes joke bank

Jeo King

Cats Are Capable of Mind Control - And 1000+ UberFacts You Never Knew You Needed to Know

Kris Sanchez

My Man Jeeves

P. G. Wodehouse

I Want My Epidural Back - Adventures in Mediocre Parenting

Karen Alpert

The Secret Art of Being a Grown-Up - Tips Tricks and Perks No One Thought to Tell You

Bridget Watson Payne

Alligator Jokes

Jeo King

Bedtime Stories for Cats

Leigh Anne Jasheway

Experience Mexican Jail! - Based on the Actual Cell-phone Diaries of a Dude Who Spent Three Years in Jail in Cancun!

Prisonero Anónimo

Coconut Cowboy - A Novel

Tim Dorsey

My Name is Markham - A Chronicles of St Mary's short story

Jodi Taylor