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Ultimate Parallel and Distributed Computing with Julia For Data Science - Excel in Data Analysis Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning by leveraging MLBasejl and MLJjl to optimize workflows

Nabanita Dash

Tender Maps - Travels in Search of the Emotions of Place

Alice Maddicott

Ultimate Cyberwarfare for Evasive Cyber Tactics - Unravel the Techniques of Cyberwarfare Hacktivism and Asymmetric Conflicts for Tactical Excellence with Real-world Use Cases and Strategic Insights

Chang Tan

Tradition Meets Transformation - Leadership Strategies to Revitalize Manufacturing

Laurie Harbour, Scott Walton

Ultimate Nuxtjs for Full-Stack Web Applications - Build Production-Grade Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and Static-Site Generated (SSG) Vuejs Applications Using Nuxtjs Nodejs and Composition API

Lau Kok

Ultimate Django for Web App Development Using Python - Build Modern Reliable and Scalable Production-Grade Web Applications with Django and Python

Leonardo Lazzaro

The Giant's Ladder - The Science Professional's Blueprint for Marketing Success

Elizabeth Chabe

One-Click to Give - Future Proof Your Fundraising with Social Media

Jeremy Berman, Nick Black

Ultimate Laravel for Modern Web Development - Build Robust and Interactive Enterprise-Grade Web Apps using Laravel's MVC Authentication APIs and Cloud Deployment

Drishti Jain

Eyes in the Sky - Space Telescopes from Hubble to Webb

Andrew May

Built to Fail - Why Construction Projects Take So Long Cost Too Much And How to Fix It

Todd Zabelle

Ultimate Enterprise Data Analysis and Forecasting using Python - Leverage Cloud platforms with Azure Time Series Insights and AWS Forecast Components for Deep learning Modeling using Python

Shanthababu Pandian

Trust - Responsible AI Innovation Privacy and Data Leadership

Dominique Shelton Leipzig

Failing Fast? - The Ten Secrets to Succeed Faster

Luv Tulsidas

Ultimate Salesforce LWC Developers’ Handbook - Build Dynamic Experiences Custom User Interfaces and Interact with Salesforce data using Lightning Web Components (LWC) for Salesforce Cloud

Cihan Hizar

Plastic Eaters and Turbo Trees - How to Save the Climate Remove all the Trash from the Sea and Master the Rest with Brilliance

Tara Shirvani

Error Traps - How High-Performing Teams Learn To Avoid Mistakes in Aircraft Maintenance

Elmar Lutter

Ultimate VMware NSX for Professionals - Leverage Virtualized Networking Security and Advanced Services of VMware NSX for Efficient Data Management and Network Excellence

Vinay Aggarwal

Ultimate Agile Administration with Jira - Solutions for Agile Project Administration Using Dashboards Automation Rules and Plugin Integration with Jira

Yogita Chhaya

Beyond Quantity - Research with Subsymbolic AI

Jens Schröter, Andreas Sudmann, Anna Echterhölter, Markus Ramsauer, Fabian Retkowski, Alexander Waibel

Mission Zero - The Independent Net Zero Review

Chris Skidmore

Modern Web Applications with NextJS - Learn Advanced Techniques to Build and Deploy Modern Scalable and Production Ready React Applications with NextJS

Shubham Jain

Ultimate ChatGPT Handbook for Enterprises - Transform the Enterprise Landscape by Leveraging AI Capabilities Prompt Engineering GPT Solution-Cycles of ChatGPT with Python and Java

Dr. Harald Gunia

Mastering OpenCV with Python - Use NumPy Scikit TensorFlow and Matplotlib to learn Advanced algorithms for Machine Learning through a set of Practical Projects

Ayush Vaishya

Ultimate Web Automation Testing with Cypress - Master End-to-End Web Application Testing Automation to Accelerate Your QA Process with Cypress

Vitaly Skadorva

The Edge of Reality - Two Scientists Evaluate What We Know of the UFO Phenomenon

J. Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallee

Does Coffee Cause Cancer? - And 8 More Myths about the Food We Eat

Dr. Christopher Labos

ChatGPT talks on science for young people: Genetics! - Discover the secrets of life with the help of artificial intelligence

Paulo Dario

ChatGPT talks on science for young people: Molecular Biology! - Discover the secrets of life with the help of artificial intelligence

Paulo Dario

Consciousness - How Our Brains Turn Matter into Meaning

John Parrington