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Christmas at Sandcastle Cottage

Christina Jones

What's Your Superpower?

Sara Schoen, Rita Delude, Rena Marin, Jim Ody, EL George, Mary Duke, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, Caitlin L. McCulloch


Erin Lee, Alice La Roux, Mila Waters, Sara Schoen, Taylor Henderson, BeBe Harlow, Caitlin L. McCulloch

The Chief of Rally Tree

Jennifer Boyden

The Western Wind

Samantha Harvey

The Crown Lord

William Sirls

The Females

Wolfgang Hilbig

The Collected Novels Volume Two - Goodbye Mr Chips; To You Mr Chips; and Lost Horizon

James Hilton

King's Highway

James D McCallister

The Tale of Cho Ung - A Classic of Vengeance Loyalty and Romance

Sookja Cho

Hope in the Shadows of War

Thomas Paul Reilly

New Dark Ages - The X Gang

Warren Kinsella

Pinto Has An Idea

Rajeev Saxena

Milf domination 3-pack

Cougar Lusty

Distracted Thoughts - Poems and lyric

L.F. dos Santos

Melissa’s Quest - A Finding Magic Novel Book 1

Blair Drake

The Clincher - A Horseshoer Mystery

Lisa Preston

A Paladin's Secrets

Vivian Lane

Shattered Echo

Alex Westmore

Lily Barlow - The Mystery of Jane Dough

Carla Vergot

Elijah’s Quest - A Finding Magic Novel Book 4

Blair Drake

Fallen Mountains - A Novel of Rural Noir

Kimi Cunningham Grant

Becoming Someone

Anne Goodwin

The Collected Novels Volume Four - Travels with My Aunt The Confidential Agent and The Ministry of Fear

Graham Greene

Dylan’s Quest - A Finding Magic Novel Book 5

Blair Drake

The Collected Novels Volume Three - Orient Express It’s a Battlefield and A Gun for Sale

Graham Greene

Strange Hwy - Short Stories

Beem Weeks

The New Order - Stories

Karen E. Bender

Piper’s Quest - A Finding Magic Novel Book 7

Blair Drake

Bloody Bonkers

Jeremy Simons, Kathia Iblis, Bella Emy, Chelsi Davis, Sara Schoen, Jim Ody, Lorah Jaiyn, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, M.W. Brown