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The Trail

James Ellson

Revenge of the Elders of Zion

Dan Sofer

Aerialists - Stories

Mark Mayer

The Hollow Gods

A. J. Vrana

The Warrior's Call - Dragon Riders of Osnen Book 3

Richard Fierce

Not Even Immortality Lasts Forever - Mostly True Stories

Ed McClanahan

Wyrde and Wicked

Charlotte E. English

Obsession - A Crime Of The Heart

Robin Storey

Wright & Wrong - A Rafferty PI Mystery

W. Glenn Duncan

The Crying Shore

Melissa Maclellan

He’s Gone

Alex Clare

The Recipe for Revolution - A Novel

Carolyn Chute

Bird Summons - A Novel

Leila Aboulela

Second Sister - A Novel

Chan Ho-Kei

Shuggie Bain - A Novel

Douglas Stuart

Whispers in the trees - #FollowMe

Jana Kyclova, Tadeusz Michrowski, Éva Vancsó, Sieglinde Wöhrer, Eva Zahradníková

The Day’s Heat

Roberta George

Evie of the Deepthorn

André Babyn

The Aberrationists

Ray O’Meara

The Redpoint Crux

Morgan Shamy

Imagining Vietnam

Elizabeth McLean

The Bermondsey Bookshop - A heart-wrenching saga of love and loss in 1920s London

Mary Gibson

The Good Killer - A Novel

Harry Dolan

Game of numbers

Etan Becerra

Lily Barlow - The Mystery in the Mangroves

Carla Vergot

The Baudelaire Fractal

Lisa Robertson

Dead Air - A Novel of Suspense

Michael Bradley

A Bond of Flame - Dragon Riders of Osnen Book 2

Richard Fierce


Helen Steadman

Dark Circles

Udayan Mukerjee