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Enticing Environments for People Under Three

Laura Wilhelm

Fight COVID-19 with Melatonin

Richard Hansler

Speaking like a Spanish Cow: Cultural Errors in Translation

Clíona Ní Ríordáin, Stephanie Schwerter

Your brain on psychedelics - How do psychedelics work?: Pharmacology and neuroscience of psilocybin DMT LSD MDMA mescaline

Genis Ona

Psychedelics and mental health - Therapeutic applications and neuroscience of psilocybin LSD DMT and MDMA

Irene de Caso

Essential guide to the Psychedelic Renaissance - All you need to know about how psilocybin MDMA and LSD are revolutionizing mental health and changing lives

Antón Gómez Escolar

The Compendium of Erotica - Dictionary of Erotic Literature Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs and Love Potions Through the Ages

Harry E. Wedeck

In Search of an Ecological Constitution - Reformulating the Relationship between Society and Nature

Ezio Cordella Costa

Fulcrum and Torsion of the Helical Myocardium

Jorge C. Trainini, Mario Beraudo, Alejandro Trainini, Vicente Mora Llabata, Mario Wernicke, Jorge A. Lowenstein, Francesc Carreras-Costa, Jesús Valle Cabezas, Benjamín D. Elencwajg, Diego Lowenstein Haber, María Elena Bastarrica

Creating Space - Story Reflection and Practice in Healthcare Chaplaincy

Sacha Pearce, Jan Collis

Bigger Than Tiny Smaller Than Average

Sheri Koones

International Institutions and social economic and cultural rights

Rodolfo Gutiérrez Silva

New perspectives in Audiovisual Translation - Towards Future Research Trends


Transdisciplinary Impulses towards Socio-Ecological Transformation - Engaged Reflections – Reflected Engagements

Helge Kminek, Anna Geyer, Markus B. Siewert

Theology for Psychology and Counseling - An Invitation to Holistic Christian Practice

Kutter Callaway, William B. Whitney

Soldiers' Pay

William Faulkner

Simply good learning (E-Book)

Rudolf Isler, Hans Berner, Wiltrud Weidinger

Bob Marley: Book Of Quotes (100+ Selected Quotes)

Quotes Station

Loose Parts Learning in K-3 Classrooms

Carla Gull, Suzanne Levenson Goldstein, Tricia Rosengarten

Dictionary of Discoveries

I. A. Langnas

Extinct Languages

Johannes Friedrich

Dictionary of Word Origins

Joseph T Shipley

Every Man's Book of Superstitions

Christine Chaundler

Science Goes Viral - Captivating Accounts of Science in Everyday Life

Joe Schwarcz

Dictionary of Poisons

Ibert Mellan, Eleanor Mellan

Dictionary of Last Words

Edward S. Le Comte

The Multicultural Classroom: Learning from Australian First Nations Perspectives

Jasmin Peskoller

Time Management and Self-Organisation in Academia - Developing a self-directed and balanced life

Markus Riedenauer, Andrea Tschirf

Value-based financial management - Towards a Systematic Process for Financial Decision - Making

Alexander Guzmán Vásquez, María Andrea Trujillo Dávila, Maximiliano González Ferrero

Halloween Activities - Arbeitsblätter Lieder Reime Spiele Kopiervorlagen und Bastelvorschläge für den Unterricht

Karin Schweizer, Beate Baylie