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Treason in the Secret City - A World War Two mystery set in Tennessee

Diane Fanning

The Lodger

Marie Belloc Lowndes

Daughter of Ashes - A Hannah Ives murder mystery

Marcia Talley

Belfast Noir

Adrian McKinty, Stuart Neville

Destroying Angel

Alanna Knight

The Thirty-Nine Steps (Diversion Classics)

John Buchan

The Great War Against Terrorism

Peter J. Michael

The Chocolate Box - A Hercule Poirot Story

Agatha Christie

The Cat's Eye

R. Austin Freeman

Grower's Market - A Novel of Free Enterprise in Marijuana Country

Michael Baughman

15 Seconds - A Novel

Andrew Gross

The Heretic's Apprentice

Ellis Peters

Crush and Velocity - Two Thrillers in One

Alan Jacobson

Suspicion of Madness

Barbara Parker

Least of Evils

J. M. Gregson

Two Bronze Pennies: A police procedural set in late 19th Century England

Chris Nickson

Dragonfire - A Novel

Andrew Kaplan

The Demon - A Novel

Hubert Selby

Bring Me Flesh I'll Bring Hell - A Horror Novel

Martin Rose

She Demons - A Mister Jinnah Mystery

Donald J. Hauka

Kill the Indian - A Killstraight Story

Johnny D. Boggs

A Sinful Safari

Michael Kilian

The Paul Cain Omnibus - Every Crime Story and the Novel Fast One as Originally Published

Paul Cain

The Disappearance of Adèle Bedeau - A Historical Thriller

Graeme Burnet

The Strange Case of Cyril Bycourt (A Classic Short Story of Detective Max Carrados)

Ernest Bramah

Suture Self

Mary Daheim

Fade to Black

Steve Mullins

The Bronze Hand

Anna Katharine Green

The Casefiles of Mr J G Reeder

Edgar Wallace

Bluff Walk - A John McAlister Mystery

Charles R. Crawford