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Startup Europe - The entrepreneurs transforming Europe

Nicolai Strom-Olsen, Hermund Haaland

Theory U - Leading from the Future as It Emerges

Otto Scharmer

Beyond Product

Jill Soley, Todd Wilms

Stress-Killers Extreme - Master your time management & self-organisation manage work-life balance in everyday life do everything in a relaxed way set priorities & organise life

Simone Janson

The Battle for Sky - The Murdochs Disney Comcast and the Future of Entertainment

Christopher Williams

Made Possible - Stories of success by people with learning disabilities – in their own words

Saba Salman

Learn to sell Successfully - Negotiate confidently convince customers practice psychology rhetoric & strategy for conversations & sales situations negotiate & win successfully

Simone Janson

Smart Consulting Sourcing - A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting The Best ROI From Your Consulting

Hélène Laffitte, Laurent Thomas

The Warhol Economy - How Fashion Art and Music Drive New York City - New Edition

Elizabeth Currid-Halkett

Arguing Solve & Avoide Conflicts - Mediation conflict management non-violent communication no fear of disputes & discussions understand & accept different opinions in the team

Simone Janson

The 5-Figure Fiction Formula - How to generate 5-figure monthly sales from your writing

P. Teague

Door Opener - Use small talk communication networking targeted to success find opinion leaders get exactly the right contacts convince & persuade people with rhetoric & charisma

Simone Janson

Building Brand Communities - How Organizations Succeed by Creating Belonging

Charles Vogl, Carrie Melissa Jones

Set Goals the Right Way & Achieve them - Pursuit realize implement everything plan & decide with strategy communication rhetoric stay on track to success win by ambition & focus

Simone Janson

To Be an Entrepreneur - Social Enterprise and Disruptive Development in Bangladesh

Julia Qermezi Huang

Organize well Live Minimalism - Set priorities & perfect order arrange properly less is more make the right decisions master continuous stress & time traps with time management

Simone Janson

Black Gold and Blackmail - Oil and Great Power Politics

Rosemary A. Kelanic

Introduction to Business and Economics

Bettina Fuhrman

Mobilizing for Development - The Modernization of Rural East Asia

Kristen E. Looney

Broken Stronger - 8 Non-Negotiable Steps to Break Free and Become the Boss of Your Own Life

Elena Rodriguez Zehr

50 Self-Help Classics to Guide You to Financial Freedom

Napoleon Hill

Leading without hierarchy - the End of a Success Story - Networked teams & agile leadership role psychology & no fear of change management new authority & relevance for executives

Simone Janson

Lead with Speed - Fire Up Your Team Power Your Engines of Development and Make Your Organization Soar

Alan Willett

Period Power - Harness Your Hormones and Get Your Cycle Working For You

Maisie Hill

How To Create & Sell Digital Products - Create Profitable Digital Products for Easy Online Sales

P. Teague

Russia and the Media - The Makings of a New Cold War

Greg McLaughlin

The Bitcoin Saga - A Mixed Montage

Rachna Singh

Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill

The Apprentice Billionaire's Guide to Leads - Create a Stream of New Prospects that Become Loyal Customers

Brad Sugars

Cutting Onions - Leadership Lessons Learned From the Restaurant Industry

Bobby Shaw