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Fortune Favors the Bold

Lester C. Thurow

Crossing the Chasm 3rd Edition

Geoffrey A. Moore

Uncommon Sense Common Nonsense - Why some organisations consistently outperform others

Jules Goddard, Tony Eccles

The Power of Appreciative Inquiry

Diana D. Whitney, Amanda Trosten-Bloom

Attitude is Everything Rev Ed

Keith Harrell

Inside the Tornado - Strategies for Developing Leveraging and Surviving Hypergrowth Markets

Geoffrey A. Moore

The Peon Book - How to Manage Us

David Haynes

Empires of Oil - Corporate Oil in Barbarian Worlds

Duncan Clark

Stewardship - Choosing Service Over Self-Interest

Peter Block

The $11 Billion Year - From Sundance to the Oscars an Inside Look at the Changing Hollywood System

Anne Thompson

Setting the Table

Danny Meyer

Broker Trader Lawyer Spy - The Secret World of Corporate Espionage

Eamon Javers

Run Your Business Don't Let It Run You - Learning and Living Professional Management

Clay Mathile


Peter Block

Being Buddha at Work

Franz Metcalf, BJ Gallagher

The Lords of Creation

Frederick Lewis Allen

Monday Morning Motivation

David Cottrell

The Reckoning

David Halberstam

Crush It! - Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion

Gary Vaynerchuk

Running Money

Andy Kessler

Building Wealth

Lester C. Thurow

Putting Our Differences to Work - The Fastest Way to Innovation Leadership and High Performance

Debbe Kennedy

When Corporations Rule the World

David C. Korten

Family Businesses - The Essentials

Peter Leach

On Speaking Well

Peggy Noonan

Leadership and Self-Deception

The Arbinger Institute

Get There Early - Sensing the Future to Compete in the Present

Bob Johansen

Throwing the Elephant

Stanley Bing

The Wall Street Journal Guide to Investing in the Apocalypse - Make Money by Seeing Opportunity Where Others See Peril

James Altucher, Douglas R. Sease

Quiet Influence - The Introvert's Guide to Making a Difference

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler