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Eden Burning

Deirdre Quiery

The Keening - A Mystery of Gaelic Ireland

Anne Emery

There Is Confusion

Jessie Redmon Fauset

Iola Leroy - Or Shadows Uplifted

Frances E. W. Harper

The Eagle and the Lambda

Pedro Santamaría

Ilsa - A Novel

Madeleine L'Engle

The Autobiography of an Ex–Colored Man

James Weldon Johnson

Barren Ground

Ellen Glasgow

The Trouble Boys

E.R. Fallon

The Abalone Ukulele - A Tale of Far Eastern Intrigue

Roger Crossland

Old Lovegood Girls

Gail Goodwin


TaraShea Nesbit

Masque of Honor - A Historical Novel of the American South

Sharon Virts

Within a Budding Grove

Marcel Proust

The Guermantes Way

Marcel Proust

The Healer's Awakening - An Absorbing and Romantic Family Saga

Helen Pryke

Isambard Doyle - A Hero's Journey

Martin R Williamson

Fallen Angel - A Novel

Tracy Borman

Midnight Train to Prague - A Novel

Carol Windley

Homer's Epics - The Odyssey and The Iliad

Homer Homer

Beneficence - A Novel

Meredith Hall

Trilogy of Desire - The Financier The Titan The Stoic

Theodore Dreiser

The Healer's Curse - An Absorbing and Romantic Family Saga

Helen Pryke

Ardnish - A Novel

Angus MacDonald

The Healer's Secret - An Absorbing and Romantic Family Saga

Helen Pryke

Something Worth Doing - A Novel of an Early Suffragist

Jane Kirkpatrick

Ann & Frederick

Marcus Attwater

Springhaven - A Tale of the Great War

R.D. Blackmore

Darwin´s Betrayal - A voyage to the mystery of mysteries

Gerardo Bartolomé

The House Behind the Cedars

Charles W. Chesnutt