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The Day’s Heat

Roberta George

Imagining Vietnam

Elizabeth McLean


Helen Steadman

Killing Beauties

Pete Langman

Conquest: Daughter of the Last King

Tracey Warr

Wicked By Design - Sexy thrilling swashbuckling Regency romance with a twist

Katy Moran

Not Our Kind - A Novel

Kitty Zeldis

Father Sweet

J.J. Martin

Cold Bayou - A historical mystery set in New Orleans

Barbara Hambly

All the Ever Afters - The Untold Story of Cinderella's Stepmother

Danielle Teller

The Brahmadells

Jóanes Nielsen

The King's Witch - Frances Gorges historical trilogy Book I

Tracy Borman

The Magic Chair Murder - A 1920s English mystery

Diane Janes

Mark Twain - Collected Works

Mark Twain

Wives and Mistresses

Suzanne Morris

The Lost Girl in Paris

Diney Costeloe

American Pop - A Novel

Snowden Wright

Consider the Lilies

Carol Fenlon

The Russian Countess

Edith Sollohub

A Square in East Berlin

Torsten Schulz

A Circle of Dead Girls

Eleanor Kuhns

The Assembly of the Dead

Saeida Rouass

Conquest II - The Drowned Court

Tracey Warr


Helen Steadman

Dark Queen Waiting

Paul Doherty

100 Key Events in Ukrainian History

Yu Soroka

Freedom Lessons - A Novel

Eileen Harrison Sanchez

Lady of Perdition

Barbara Hambly

Hocus Girl

Chris Nickson

Winter of Despair

Cora Harrison