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Lipstick Eyebrows

Rebecca Parfitt, Mari Ellis Dunning

The London Medicine

Philip Davies

Best British Short Stories 2023

Nicholas Royle

How Kyoto Breaks Your Heart

Florentyna Leow

A Little Unsteadily into Light - New Dementia-Inspired Fiction

Jan Carson, Jane Lugea

In Case of Loss

Lutz Seiler

Sunday Miscellany - A Selection 2018–2023

Sarah Binchy

Breaking the Bombers - How the hunt for Pagad created a crack police unit

Mark Shaw

Cambrian Tales and other selected writings

Jan Williams


Quah Sy Ren, Hee Wai Siam

The Illustrated Letters of Jane Austen

Penelope Hughes-Hallett

The Illustrated Letters and Diaries of the Pre-Raphaelites

Jean Marsh

Right of the Soil

Yong Shu Hoong

These Foolish Things & Other Stories

Yeo Wei Wei

Interpreter of Winds

Fairoz Ahmad

Risking Life for Death - Lessons for the Living from the Autopsy Table

Ryan Blumenthal

Lines of Fire - A Renegade Writes on Strategy Intelligence and Security

Ralph Peters

The Con - How Scams Work Why You're Vulnerable and How to Protect Yourself

James Munton, Jelita McLeod

True Crime: Missouri - The State's Most Notorious Criminal Cases

David J Krajicek

The Life of Kings - The Baltimore Sun and the Golden Age of the American Newspaper

Frederic B Hill, Stephens Broening

Some Dreams From Now - 135 Years of Rafflesian Writing

Theophilus Kwek

Daisy de Melker - Hiding among killers in the City of Gold

Ted Botha

Bitter Punch

Loh Guan Liang

Precious Few Clues - The True Crime Investigation of Kansas City's "Precious Doe" Murder

Marla Bernard

Operation Abonar - Inside story of Britain's biggest gunrunning scandal government officials didn't want told

Michael Hallowes

Death by Talons - Did An Owl 'Murder' Kathleen Peterson?

Tiddy Smith

Hidden Demons - Evil Visits A Small New England Town

Margery B. Metzger

Love Me To Death - The Chilling True Story of WIlliam “Wild Bill Cody” Neal—The Vicious Denver Lady-Killer

Steve Jackson

The Gettysburg Address

Abraham Lincoln

Funny Little Games

Philip Davies