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Rebooting the American Dream

Thom Hartmann

The Dream

Drew Hansen

Among the Heroes - United Flight 93 and the Passengers and Crew Who Fought Back

Jere Longman

The Case for Hillary Clinton

Susan Estrich

Terror in the Name of God

Jessica Stern

The Power of the Vote

Douglas E. Schoen

The Children

David Halberstam

A People's History of the United States

Howard Zinn

The Speech - Race and Barack Obama's 'A More Perfect Union'

T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting

The Great American Citizenship Quiz - Revised and Updated

Solomon M. Skolnick

Margaret Thatcher - Power and Personality

Jonathan Aitken

Mayday - Eisenhower Khrushchev and the U-2 Affair

Michael Beschloss

Deception - Pakistan the United States and the Secret Trade in Nuclear Weapons

Adrian Levy, Catherine Scott-Clark

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Joe Trippi

Passionate Declarations

Howard Zinn

All Things Possible - Setbacks and Success in Politics and Life

Andrew M. Cuomo

Should America Pay? - Slavery and the Raging Debate on Reparations

Raymond Winbush

Armed Humanitarians - The Rise of the Nation Builders

Nathan Hodge

The President of Good & Evil - Questioning the Ethics of George W Bush

Peter Singer

Memoir of Col Benjamin Tallmadge

Benjamin Tallmadge

Disordered World - Setting a New Course for the Twenty-first Century

Amin Maalouf

When Money Talks - The High Price of "Free" Speech and the Selling of Democracy

Derek Cressman

The Presumed Alliance

Nicolas C. Vaca

The Republic


The Double V - How Wars Protest and Harry Truman Desegregated America’s Military

Jr. Rawn James, Jr. James

Cracking the Code

Thom Hartmann

Hating America

John Gibson

The Bomb - A New History

Stephen M. Younger

Zimbabwe - Years of Hope and Despair

Philip Barclay

When the Cheering Stopped - The Last Years of Woodrow Wilson

Gene Smith