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Love's Next Meeting - The Forgotten History of Homosexuality and the Left in American Culture

Aaron Lecklider

The Everyday Lives of Sovereignty - Political Imagination beyond the State

Madeleine Reeves, Rebecca Bryant

To Poison a Nation - The Murder of Robert Charles and the Rise of Jim Crow Policing in America

Andrew Baker

It Can Happen Here - White Power and the Rising Threat of Genocide in the US

Alexander Laban Hinton

America Transformed - The Rise and Legacy of American Progressivism

Ronald J. Pestritto

The Weary Titan - Britain and the Experience of Relative Decline 1895-1905

Aaron L. Friedberg

The Conscience of a Conservative

Barry Goldwater

In the Moment of Greatest Calamity - Terrorism Grief and a Victim's Quest for Justice - New Edition

Susan F. Hirsch

Postcapitalist Futures - Political Economy Beyond Crisis and Hope

Adam Fishwick, Nicholas Kiersey

RSS 360 - Demystifying Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

Ratan Sharda

Lesbian Mothers - Accounts of Gender in American Culture

Ellen Lewin

Constructing Community - Urban Governance Development and Inequality in Boston

Jeremy R. Levine

The Last Embassy - The Dutch Mission of 1795 and the Forgotten History of Western Encounters with China

Tonio Andrade

Revising the Revolution - The Unmaking of Russia's Official History of 1917

Larry E. Holmes

Labor in the Age of Finance - Pensions Politics and Corporations from Deindustrialization to Dodd-Frank

Sanford M. Jacoby

A Constitution of the People and How to Achieve It - What Bosnia and Britain Can Learn From Each Other

Aarif Abraham

Biopolitics and Historic Justice - Coming to Terms with the Injuries of Normality

Kathrin Braun

Pandemic fascism - how does an ideology of hatred go viral? A brief essay on the fascistic soul

Alexandre Gossn

The Spectre of War - International Communism and the Origins of World War II

Jonathan Haslam

How White Men Won the Culture Wars - A History of Veteran America

Joseph Darda

The Party and the People - Chinese Politics in the 21st Century

Bruce Dickson

Left Populism in Europe - Lessons from Jeremy Corbyn to Podemos

Marina Prentoulis

Central Asia - A New History from the Imperial Conquests to the Present

Adeeb Khalid

Defense 101 - Understanding the Military of Today and Tomorrow

Michael E. O'Hanlon

The Cold War from the Margins - A Small Socialist State on the Global Cultural Scene

Theodora K. Dragostinova

Bullets Not Ballots - Success in Counterinsurgency Warfare

Jacqueline L. Hazelton

Secession and the Sovereignty Game - Strategy and Tactics for Aspiring Nations

Ryan D. Griffiths

The Power to Divide - Wedge Strategies in Great Power Competition

Timothy W. Crawford

Soft-Power Internationalism - Competing for Cultural Influence in the 21st-Century Global Order

Burcu Baykurt, Victoria de Grazia

Remake the World - Essays Reflections Rebellions

Astra Taylor