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Play It Right - The Remarkable Story of a Gambler Who Beat the Odds on Wall Street

Kamal Gupta

The Big Book of HR 10th Anniversary Edition

Barbara Mitchell, Cornelia Gamlem

From Boardroom to Baby - A Roadmap for Career Women Transitioning to Stay-at-Home Moms

Kristin Helms

Leading with Care in a Tough World - Beyond Servant Leadership

Bob DeKoch, Phillip G. Clampitt

Soul of the Deal - Creative Frameworks for Buying Selling and Investing in any Business

Marc H. Morgenstern

Building a successful business step by step - Workbook with concrete action instructions

Dominik Mikulaschek

Your New Playlist - The Student's Guide to Tapping into the Superpower of Mindset

Jon Acuff, L.E Acuff, McRae Acuff

How to Win Friends and Manage Remotely

McKenna Sweazey

Company 4 You & Me - Building a successful business step by step

Dominik Mikulaschek

Fifty Stars of the Western Union - The Sunshine State

Ellias Aghili Dehnavi, Sepideh Hekmat Shoar

This Is What Inequality Looks Like

Teo You Yenn

Making Kin: Ecofeminist Essays from Singapore

Esther Vincent, Angelia Poon

Natural capitalism & circular economy - How to restore the planet designing materials businesses and sustainable policies

Alejandro Pagés Tuñón

How to Grow Your Business Like a Weed - A Complete Strategy for Unstoppable Growth

Stu Heinecke

Convert - Make your website sell more

Jim Martin

Brazilian economic thought - the ideological cycle of developmentalism

Ricardo Bielschowsky

The Black Belt Mind: how to build a Black Belt Mind

Vinicio Antony

Reselling for beginners - Is earning money online as Reseller so simple?

Ben Thiede

How to Make Sense of Employee Survey Results - A Practical Guide for Managers and HR Professionals with valuable background information and concrete advice on result interpretation

Klaus D. Mittorp

What WE Lost - Inside the Attack on Canada’s Largest Children’s Charity

Tawfiq S. Rangwala

This Is Your Captain Speaking - Stories from the Flight Deck

Doug Morris

Employees First! - Inspire Engage and Focus on the Heart of Your Organization

Donna Cutting

Intelligent Data-Driven Marketing: When Physicists Start Thinking about Marketing - From Mad-Man to Math-Man Marketing

Mathias Elsässer

Fairness Morality Simplicity

Martin Earley

Radical Business Agility - Navigating Through Uncertain Times

Hans Amell

Change for Good - An Action-Oriented Approach for Businesses to Benefit from Solving the World's Most Urgent Social Problems

Paul Klein

Simplify To Succeed

Garry Mansell

Education Work and Family Events in Women's Lives - Long-Term Developments and Recent Trends in East and West Germany

Gwendolin Josephine Blossfeld

Turn Your Fandom Into Cash - A Geeky Guide to Turn Your Passion Into a Business (or at least a Side Hustle)

Carol Pinchefsky

Female entrepreneurs

Teresa Alarcos