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Jen Calonita


Jen Calonita

Escape Book - The Museum Heist

Stéphane Anquetil

Crime and Carpetbags

Julie Berry

Day-Old Child

Carol Lynn Pearson

Big Nate: Payback Time!

Lincoln Peirce

My Friend the Alien: A Bloomsbury Reader

Zanib Mian

The Path of Finn McCool: A Bloomsbury Reader

Sally Prue

A cat's day

Francisco Cunha

Detective Dan: A Bloomsbury Reader

Vivian French

Piecing Me Together

Renée Watson

The Toot Fairy

Mark Huffman

The Great Christmas Tales and Fables

Avneet Kumar Singla

Grandma's Sugar Cookie

Rose Rossner

Never Look Back

Lilliam Rivera

Ordinary Mary's Positively Extraordinary Day

Emily Pearson

Girl from Nowhere

Tiffany Rosenhan

Being Toffee

Sarah Crossan

Bad Mermaids Meet the Sushi Sisters

Sibéal Pounder

Jelly Boots Smelly Boots

Michael Rose

Archibald Finch and the Lost Witches

Michel Guyon

Word Travelers and the Taj Mahal Mystery

Raj Haldar

Lost Island

MarcyKate Connolly


Stephanie Watson

'Twas the Night Before Christmas at My House

Jo Parry

Fire Burn Cauldron Bubble: Magical Poems Chosen by Paul Cookson

Paul Cookson

Knights and Bikes

Gabrielle Kent

A Hippocratic Odyssey - Lessons From a Doctor Couple on Life In Medicine Challenges and Doctorprneurship

Suresh K Pandey, Vidushi Sharma

Little Leonardo’s Fascinating World of Astronomy

Sarafina Nance

My Other Life: A Bloomsbury Reader

Polly Ho-Yen