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Every City Is Every Other City - A Gordon Stewart Mystery

John McFetridge


Samuel Tooma


Mark A. Ciccone

Survival Machines

Ste Sharp

The Old Enemy - A Novel

Henry Porter

Daybook from Sheep Meadow - The Notebooks of Tallis Martinson

Peter Dimock

The New Negro - Readings on Race Representation and African American Culture 1892-1938

Gene Andrew Jarrett, Henry Louis Gates

John and Mary Margaret

Susan Cushman

The Membranes - A Novel

Ta-wei Chi

The Lockhart Women - A Novel

Mary Camarillo

Top Graduate Zhang Xie - The Earliest Extant Chinese Southern Play

Regina S. Llamas

A Season in Queens

Gerry Dryansky, Joanne Dryansky

Sufficient Sacrifice

Annette Valentine

Combat for Custody - Parker and Price Novel

Paula Winchester Rank

The Day She Died

S. M. Freedman

 Lemons In The Garden of Love - A Novel

Ames Sheldon

Courting Justice

R. L. Sommer

Myths of the Norsemen - From the Eddas and Sagas

Hélène Adeline Guerber

The Wolves of Savernake - A gripping medieval mystery from the bestselling author

Edward Marston

Things You Would Know If You Grew Up Around Here

Nancy Wayson Dinan

Into the Mouth of the Lion

A. B. Kyazze

Del Rio - A Novel

Jane Rosenthal

Among the Hedges

Sara Mesa

Three Bodies by the River

John Kralik

Against the Law: A Joe the Bouncer Novel

David Gordon

The Book of Travels - Volume Two

Ḥannā Diyāb

An I-Novel

Minae Mizumura

The Happiness Thief - A Novel

Nicole Bokat

The Doomsday Book of Fairy Tales

Emily Brewes

Arrow’s Rest

Joel Scott