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The Wrong'un

Catherine Evans


Richard Vaughan Davies

The Heroic Legends Series - Conan: Lord of the Mount

Stephen Graham Jones

All Grown Up

Catherine Evans

The Mariners

Vivian Stuart

ARK FOUND - An Omega Files Adventure (Book 2)

Rick Chesler

The Imperialists

Vivian Stuart

ATLANTIS GOLD - An Omega Files Adventure (Book 1)

Rick Chesler

The Expansionists

Vivian Stuart


Danny King

GOLDEN ONE - An Omega Files Adventure (Book 3)

Rick Chesler

The Nationalists

Vivian Stuart

The Seafarers

Vivian Stuart

The Loyalists

Vivian Stuart

The Road Builders

Vivian Stuart

EXTREMOPHILE - Horror Thriller

Rick Chesler

Two Summers

Glenn Patterson

Dry Cleaning

Trevor Mark Thomas

Love in a Lost Land

James MacManus

He Should Have Told the Bees - A Novel

Amanda Cox

Everyone and Everything

Nadine Cohen

Routine Matters

Neil Deane

The Affair - An absorbing psychological thriller that will keep you guessing

N.A. Cooper

Payoh: A Novel

Jim Tan

Bitter & Sweet

Amal Awad

Gallow Falls

Alex Nye

Homicide in Chicago - From the bestselling author of the Railway Detective series

Edward Marston

A Discovery in the Cotswolds - The page-turning cozy crime series

Rebecca Tope

The Empire Builders

Vivian Stuart

A River of Crows

Shanessa Gluhm