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Creativity and Copyright - Legal Essentials for Screenwriters and Creative Artists

Howard Suber, John L. Geiger

The Useful Pragmatic & Blunt Guide To Self-Publishing

Max Walker

The Art of Public Speaking

Dale Carnegie

Just One Page - A New and Easy Approach to English

Lydia Lake, Jim Lake

5-Day Spanish Language Challenge - Learn Spanish In 5 Days

Challenge Self

The Story of Hebrew

Lewis Glinert

Style and Intersubjectivity in Youth Interaction

Dwi Noverini Djenar, Michael Ewing, Howard Manns

The Mother Tongue - English and How it Got that Way

Bill Bryson

Learn English

Matt Purland

Wheelock's Latin 7th Edition

Richard A. LaFleur, Frederic M. Wheelock

Cwtch Me If You Can

Beth Reekles

Your Screenplay Sucks! - 100 Ways to Make It Great

William Akers

The Elements of Eloquence - How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase

Mark Forsythe


Taras Shevchenko

Story - Style Structure Substance and the Principles of Screenwriting

Robert McKee

Simplifying Complexity - Rhetoric and the Social Politics of Dealing with Ignorance

George E. Yoos

The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects

Barbara G. Walker

The Language Instinct - How The Mind Creates Language

Steven Pinker

The Etymologicon - A Circular Stroll through the Hidden Connections of the English Language

Mark Forsythe

Elephant Bucks - An Insider's Guide to Writing for TV Sitcoms

Sheldon Bull

Verbal Judo - The Gentle Art of Persuasion

George J. Thompson

Writing That Works 3rd Edition - How to Communicate Effectively in Business

Kenneth Roman, Joel Raphaelson

Literary Devices

Brenda Rollins

Reading Comprehension

Brenda Rollins

Reading Comprehension - Reading Skills Series

Brenda Rollins

Easier Simpler Better Living & Working - Lead projects to Succeed Decide the Right Way Do Well not Perfect Less is More Organize yourself & learn Time Management from the Inside

Simone Janson

Nostalgia for the Future: Modernism and Heterogeneity in the Visual Arts of Nazi Germany

Gregory Maertz

Nostalgia for the Future - Modernism and Heterogeneity in the Visual Arts of Nazi Germany

Gregory Maertz

German Vocabulary Book - A Topic Based Approach

Pinhok Languages

Learn German - Quick Easy Efficient - 2000 Key Vocabularies

Pinhok Languages