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Self-Published Millionaire

Joseph Alexander, Tim Pettingale

Design Guide to Learn Calligraphy - Fonts Styles Pens Letters & Numbers

Agatha Adams

Storytelling Alchemy - Write Your Own Happy Ending

Renée Damoiselle

Black Sheep and Lame Ducks - Origins of Idioms and Phrases

Albert Jack

Introducing Science through Images - Cases of Visual Popularization

Maria E. Gigante

Expanding the Lexicon - Linguistic Innovation Morphological Productivity and Ludicity

Sabine Arndt-Lappe, Esme Winter-Froemel, Angelika Braun, Claudine Moulin

Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare

Metaphors Be With You - An A to Z Dictionary of History's Greatest Metaphorical Quotations

Mardy Grothe

Developing the Higher Education Curriculum - Research-Based Education in Practice

Professor Dilly Fung Professor of Higher Education Development & Academic Director UCL Centre for Advancing Learning and Teaching, Brent Carnell

Conversations before Silence - The selected poetry of Oles Ilchenko

Oles Ilchenko

Cwtch Me If You Can

Beth Reekles

How to Speak and Write Correctly

Joseph Devlin

The Elements of Eloquence - How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase

Mark Forsyth

A Connected Curriculum for Higher Education

Professor Dilly Fung Professor of Higher Education Development & Academic Director UCL Centre for Advancing Learning and Teaching

Wheelock's Latin 7th Edition

Richard A. LaFleur, Frederic M. Wheelock

Fluent in 3 Months - How Anyone at Any Age Can Learn to Speak Any Language from Anywhere in the World

Benny Lewis

Summary and Analysis of How to Read Literature Like a Professor - Based on the Book by Thomas C Foster

Worth Books

Simplifying Complexity - Rhetoric and the Social Politics of Dealing with Ignorance

George E. Yoos

Diversification of Mexican Spanish - A Tridimensional Study in New World Sociolinguistics

Margarita Hidalgo

An English Grammar: For the Use of High School Academy and College Classes

William Malone Baskervill, James Witt Sewell

Learn English

Matt Purland

The Etymologicon - A Circular Stroll through the Hidden Connections of the English Language

Mark Forsyth

Word Formation 3

Rosalind Fergusson

Yé-Yé Girls of '60s French Pop

Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe

Let's Bring Back: The Lost Language Edition - A Collection of Forgotten-Yet-Delightful Words Phrases Praises Insults Idioms and Literary Flourishes from Eras Past

Lesley M. M. Blume

The Language Instinct - How The Mind Creates Language

Steven Pinker

Wheelock's Latin 6th Edition Revised

Richard A. LaFleur, Frederic M. Wheelock

Gotham Writers' Workshop: Writing Fiction - The Practical Guide From New York's Acclaimed Creative Writing School

Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Publishing

Horror Screenwriting - The Nature of Fear

Devin Watson

Cinematic Storytelling

Van Sijll Jennifer