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Beyond Quantity - Research with Subsymbolic AI

Jens Schröter, Andreas Sudmann, Anna Echterhölter, Markus Ramsauer, Fabian Retkowski, Alexander Waibel

Mission Zero - The Independent Net Zero Review

Chris Skidmore

Ultimate ChatGPT Handbook for Enterprises - Transform the Enterprise Landscape by Leveraging AI Capabilities Prompt Engineering GPT Solution-Cycles of ChatGPT with Python and Java

Dr. Harald Gunia

Ultimate Web Authentication Handbook - Strengthen Web Security by Leveraging Cryptography and Authentication Protocols such as OAuth SAML and FIDO

Sambit Dash

Mastering OpenCV with Python - Use NumPy Scikit TensorFlow and Matplotlib to learn Advanced algorithms for Machine Learning through a set of Practical Projects

Ayush Vaishya

The Edge of Reality - Two Scientists Evaluate What We Know of the UFO Phenomenon

J. Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallee

Does Coffee Cause Cancer? - And 8 More Myths about the Food We Eat

Dr. Christopher Labos

ChatGPT talks on science for young people: Genetics! - Discover the secrets of life with the help of artificial intelligence

Paulo Dario

ChatGPT talks on science for young people: Molecular Biology! - Discover the secrets of life with the help of artificial intelligence

Paulo Dario

Consciousness - How Our Brains Turn Matter into Meaning

John Parrington

Quantum Physics & the Mind - A Crash Course

Paul J. van Leeuwen

Electricity Storage and Renewables Cost and Markets 2030

International Renewable Energy Agency Irena

Advanced Analytics with Power BI and Excel - Learn powerful visualization and data analysis techniques using Microsoft BI tools along with Python and R

Dejan Sarka

The CEO's Digital Survival Guide - A Practical Handbook to Navigating the Future

Nathan Whittacre

Plastics: Just a Load of Rubbish? - Re-evaluating Plastic and Its Role in Saving the Environment

Alicia Chrysostomou

From Malin Head to Mizen Head - A journey around the sea area forecast

Joanna Donnelly

Workforce 40 - How AI the Home Office and the Gig Economy Are Disrupting the Status Quo

Gerard Szatvanyi

Interstellar Tours - A Guide to the Universe from Your Starship Window

Brian Clegg

Read The Tape - Using Situational Awareness to Predict Personal and Business Probabilities

Mike Shapiro

Keeping Sheep

Jack Cockburn

The Complete Guide to Smallholding

Debbie Kingsley

Hands-on ML Projects with OpenCV

Mugesh S.

Under the Radiant Hill - Life and the Land in the Remotest Highlands

Robin Noble

The Synesthesia Experience - Tasting Words Seeing Music and Hearing Color

Maureen Seaberg

Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud - Develop modern resilient scalable and highly available apps using microservices with Java Spring Boot 30 and Spring Cloud

Tejaswini Jog

Treasury of Folklore: Stars and Skies - Sun Gods Storm Witches and Soaring Steeds

Willow Winsham

Ultimate Tailwind CSS Handbook

Kartik Bhat

Next Generation Innovation - Supercharge Your Business through Strategic Government Partnerships

Kelly Carnes

Everything You Know About the Human Body is Wrong

Matt Brown

End of Abundance in Tech - How IT Leaders Can Find Efficiencies to Drive Business Value

Ben DeBow