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Dark Side of the Moon - Helexus #1

RR Morris

The Guardian - The Guardian Trilogy #1

Carol A Robi

The Sea at Bari

Claude Lalumiere

Veiled: Rapture's Edge Book 2 - Raptures Edge #2

Caris Roane

Nikolai - Baby Farm #3

Kayresia A. Bass

The Guardian Angel

Len Cooke


Ricky Dragoni

Saving Sonya - Elf Girl #1

Larry Brasington

Granny's Grinning

Robert Shearman

Hell To Pay - Hellscourge #5

J.C. Diem

The Descendants #6 - Myths and Heroes - The Descendants Main Series #6

Landon Porter

TERRA (The Portal Series Book 2)

Richard Bowker

The Fingers of the Colossus: Ten Short Stories

Keith Soares

Vengeance - Night Roamers #3

Kristen Middleton, K.L. Middleton

A Crystal Age

William Hope Hodgson

The Hunter's Moon - Windham Werewolves #1

Shawntelle Madison

Desolate - Assassin's Rising #4

S. B. Sebrick

Drinking and Conjuring Don't Mix

Stefon Mears

A Spirit Displaced - Lansin Island Series #3

Andrew Butcher

Hochelaga and Sons

Claude Lalumiere

Evacuation Day: A Science Fiction Story

Rebecca M. Senese

Solitaire - a novel

Kelley Eskridge

Download Complete: A Science Fiction Mystery Story

Rebecca M. Senese

Age of Blight - Stories

Kristine Ong Muslim

Nothing Down - The Adventures of Captain Nothing #2

Steve Vernon

The Secret Bunker Trilogy [Box Set] - The Secret Bunker Trilogy

Paul Teague

Crowley's Window

Gord Rollo

Beyond the Veils of Time 1 - Nemeton #3


The Change - Unbounded #1

Teyla Branton

Shadow's Talent - The Talent Show #1

Tommy Muncie