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Starry Wisdom

Peter Levenda


Asa Tait

In a Flash

Natalia Corres

Death's Executioner

Charlotte E. English

City of Wishes: The Complete Cinderella Story

Rachel Morgan

Million Miles Away

Alice Bane

Second Chance

Semih Süren

Steel for Hire

Richard Fierce

The Song of the Sirin

Nicholas Kotar

Hateful Things - The Children of D'Hara episode 2

Terry Goodkind

Petra's Ghost

C.S. O'Cinneide

Three Aliens Walk Into Town

Jack Ravenhill

Obsidian - Book II of The Book of Bera trilogy

Suzie Wilde

The Tales of Aylfenhame Compendium - Books 1-3

Charlotte E. English

The Moonlight Masquerade

Rachel Morgan

The Eternal Night

Rachel Morgan

The Everafter Wish

Rachel Morgan

Violet’s Trial

Eva Stone

The Lost Pilot

T S Paul

The Starlight Quest

Rachel Morgan

Jumping the Shark

Heather Silvio


Dain German

The Time Traveler Professor Book One - Silent Meridian

Elizabeth Crowens

Violet’s Sky

Eva Stone

An Unexpected Sequel

Heather Silvio

The Vampire Trap

Rachel Morgan

In the Darkness Visible - Elk Riders Volume One

Ted Neill

The Memory Thief

Rachel Morgan

Elemental Thief

Rachel Morgan

Elemental Power

Rachel Morgan