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The Third Policeman - A Novel

Flann O'Brien


Nicolas Parker

Cats with Guns

Jonathan Parkyn

Radiant Shimmering Light

Sarah Selecky

The Papaya King

Adam Pelzman

The Diabolical Club

Stevyn Colgan

Over 700 Witty & Humorous definitions - Ways to live happily

R.K. Murthi

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde

Choose Your Own Misery: Dating

Mike MacDonald, Jilly Gagnon

Let There Be Laughter - A Treasury of Great Jewish Humor and What It All Means

Michael Krasny

I Blame Morrissey - My Adventures with Indie-Pop and Emotional Disaster

Jamie Jones

Strange Animals - A Novel

Chad Kultgen

Religious Jokes

Jeo King

Santa’s Eve - A Christmas Novella

Mikaela Snowe, Michael Avena

Dire and Puny - Outside Chump's Blackened House

Martha Skewermann

At Swim-Two-Birds - A Novel

Flann O'Brien

A Shot in the Dark - A Constable Twitten Mystery

Lynne Truss

The Angel Tiger and Other Stories

Barrie Sherwood

All Cats Are Introverts

Francesco Marciuliano

Instagran - When Old People and Technology Collide

Rosie Ryder

52 Things to Do While You Poo - The Fart Edition

Hugh Jassburn

What Would the Hoff Do? - Un-Hoff-icial Life Lessons from David Hasselhoff

Mitchell Adams

Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed Again - (and More Heartwarming Letters from Kitty)

Jeremy Greenberg

The Gray Brothers - It's All Relative

Johanna Delacruz

And the Bride Closed the Door

Ronit Matalon

The Chronicles of Barnia - A collection of Awkward Moments

Guy Sigley

One and Neither

R May

The Translator's Bride

João Reis

"The Grocery Store" - A Novel Adaptation

Ben Keiper, Sam Crider

The Man Who Couldn't Miss - A Stewart Hoag Mystery

David Handler