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Musings of a Baby Boomer - Life Before X Y and Z

Kay Hoflander

The Electric Dwarf

Tim Vine

Seeing Green - How to Save the Planet and Profit from Sustainability

Angel Lance

The I'm Grand Mamual - A stunning guide to taking life in your stride

PJ Kirby, Kevin Twomey

He Wasn’t There Again Today - An Epitome Apartments Mystery

Candas Jane Dorsey

Houseplant Hookups - All the Dirt You Need to Find the Perfect Match

Agatha Isabel

The Winding Road to Excellence - Leadership Lessons Learned from Life's Potholes

G.T. Toby Stansell

Malay Sketches

Alfian Sa'at

Singapore Siu Dai: The SG Conversation In A Cup

Felix Cheong

A Modest Proposal

Jonathan Swift

Puppy Love - An Illustrated Guide to Picking Your Perfect Canine Companion

Melissa Maxwell

Cuckoo in the Nest - as featured on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

Fran Hill

Behold the Ape

James Morrow

Stolen Virus

Gary F. Jones

You Can't Iron a Wrinkled Birthday Suit

Sharon Phennah

Stalking Throckmorton

Gary F. Jones

Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice

David Coubrough

The Diary of a Nobody

George Grossmith, Weedon Grossmith

The Good The Bad And The Haddock

Keven Shevels

The Becket List Volume II - Even More First World Problems

Henry Becket

A New Haunt for Mr Bierce - a novel

Drew Bridges

No Birds Sing Here

Daniel V. Meier Jr.

Twilight Sleep

Edith Wharton

Wha Bohked in the Aspadeestra? - More of the best of those resonant Dundee sayings

Norman Watson

Dinna Fash Yersel Scotland! - Scottish Grannies' Sayings for Challenging Times

Allan Morrison

Gulliver’s Travels (Legend Classics)

Jonathan Swift

The Thinking Man's Survival Guide to Managing a Menopausal Partner

Tiggy Bailey

The Fixed Period

Anthony Trollope

More Lessons from History - Uncovering the colourful characters of the past

Alex Deane

Summer Cat Blues

Alison O’Leary