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Bonhomme Richard vs Serapis - Flamborough Head 1779

Mark Lardas

The Ultimate Family - The Making of the Royal House of Windsor

John Pearson

I Heard My Country Calling - Elaine Madden the Unsung Heroine of SOE

Sue Elliott

FAME: The Cast of Glee 1

Cooke CW

Slowspoke - A Unicyclist's Guide to America

Mark Schimmoeller

The Earth Moved - On the Remarkable Achievements of Earthworms

Amy Stewart

IAmMaine: Stories of Small Town Maine

Jeremy Flagg

Walking Tall: The Autobiography of a World Champion and Olympic Medallist

Robert Heffernan, Gerard Cromwell


George Alexander Fischer

God In The Obama Era - Presidents' Religion and Ethics from George Washington to Barack Obama

Niels C. Nielsen

A Gourmand in Training: Child to Chef - Book 1

Eric Arrouze

One Beat of a Butterfly's Heart

Ronald Callander

Inside the Godfather

Daryl Brown, Michael P. Chabries

Royal Son and Mother A

Pauline von Hugel

Oscar Wilde: Complete Poems (Golden Deer Classics)

Oscar Wilde, Golden Deer Classics

Prague Winter - A Personal Story of Remembrance and War 1937-1948

Madeleine Albright

Police Story: Dragnet #31

Classics Reborn Audio Publishing

Surviving Tenko - The Story of Margot Turner

Penny Starns

Riding the Samoosa Express - Personal Narratives of Marriage and Beyond

Zaheera Jina, Hasina Asvat

Jack Doyle - The Gorgeous Gael

Michael Taub

Resilience - From Killing Fields to Boardroom - The SALT Effect

Casey Reason, Emad Rahim

Letter to a Young Farmer - How to Live Richly without Wealth on the New Garden Farm

Gene Logsdon

Will Work for Drugs

Lydia Lunch

The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2012 Edition

Rich Horton

The Faith of Men

Jack London

The Sunny Side

A.A. Milne

Lydia's Child


February Buzz Books Monthly - Your Best Guide to Top Titles Appearing This Month

Publishers Lunch

Cold Case Files Missing and Unsolved: Ireland's Disappeared - The Cold Case Files

Barry Cummins

Letters and Dispatches 1924-1944 - The Man Who Saved Over 100000 Jews Centennial Edition

Raoul Wallenberg