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Sirens - How to Pee Standing Up: An Alarming Memoir of Combat and Coming Back Home

Laura Naylor Colbert

Her Love Story; Synchronicities Spirituality & Don Henley

Tricia Kelly

The Forest City Killer - A Serial Murderer a Cold-Case Sleuth and a Search for Justice

Vanessa Brown

The Odes


Nordic Tales - Folktales from Norway Sweden Finland Iceland and Denmark

Books Chronicle

Murder on Easey Street

Helen Thomas

Little Women

Louisa May Alcott

Key To Life

Steven Windle

The Trials of Five Queens - Katherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn Mary Queen of Scots Marie Antoinette and Catherine of Brunswick

R. Storry Deans

The River Twice - Poems

Kathleen Graber

The Cabin in the Mountains - A Norwegian Odyssey

Robert Ferguson

Mikhail Bulgakov - The Life and Times

Marietta Chudakova

Famous Adventures and Prison Escapes of the Civil War (Illustrated Edition) - Civil War Memories Series


The Way Home - Tales from a Life Without Technology

Mark Boyle

The Outback Calls You Back

Charles Silvestro

Heart Berries - A Memoir

Terese Marie Mailhot

Charles Manson - The Man Who Murdered the Sixties

David J. Krajicek

The Man They Wanted Me to Be - Toxic Masculinity and a Crisis of Our Own Making

Jared Yates Sexton

Too Much of Not Enough - A Memoir

Jane Pollak

The Man Who Couldn't Die - The Tale of an Authentic Human Being

Olga Slavnikova

Fetish Girl - A Memoir of Sex Domination and Motherhood

Bella LaVey

From Normandy to Auschwitz

Paul le Goupil

Italian Hours

Henry James

Autobiographical Voices - Race Gender Self-Portraiture

Fran├žoise Lionnet

Elon Musk - Tesla SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

Ashlee Vance

My Ghost Has a Name - Memoir of a Murder

Rossalyn Rossignol

Black Tudors - The Untold Story

Miranda Kaufmann

Deadly Obsessions - Three True Crime Sagas

Joan Barthel

American Murder - Three True Crime Classics

Darcy O'Brien

Fatal Deceptions - Three True Crime Tales of Passion Murder and Deceit

Joe Sharkey