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Search for the Golden Moon Bear - Science and Adventure in Pursuit of a New Species

Sy Montgomery

An Emergency in Slow Motion - The Inner Life of Diane Arbus

William Todd Schultz

Hef's Little Black Book

Bill Zehme, Hugh M. Hefner

Customs in Common - Studies in Traditional Popular Culture

E. P. Thompson

China Dawn

David Sheff

101 Artistic Toastmasters

Armando Cristofori

What Killed Jane Creba - Rap Race and the Invention of a Gang War

Anita Arvast

Theatre Café Plays Three

Holger Schober, Ingmar Villqist, Ralf N Höhfeld

The Yosemite - “When one tugs at a single thing in nature he finds it attached to the rest of the world”

John Muir

The Mistress Contract

She and He

One Perfect Day - A Mother and Son's Story of Adoption and Reunion

Diane Burke

El Narco - Inside Mexico's Criminal Insurgency

Ioan Grillo

Lady Gregory - An Irish Life

Judith Hill

The Unfinished Odyssey of Robert Kennedy

David Halberstam

Smile Every Mile

William Robertson

Anne Frank

Francine Prose

The Twisting of Souls

Christina Russell

Two in the Far North

Margaret E Murie

Child from Home - Memories of a North London Evacuee

John Wright

The Land of Little Rain

Mary Austin

9000 Miles in a Knight - The 1930 Travel Journal of Pearl Maybelle Hugunin Machenry Transcribed and Compiled by Nancy Pearl Cullen Trask Lang

Pearl Hugunin Machenry, Nancy Pearl Lang

Laughing Now - New Stories from Zimbabwe

Irene Staunton

Saturnalia - Traveling from Cape Town to Kampala in Search of an African Utopia

Justin Chapman

A Life Long Ago

Sunanda Sikdar

Bodo The Apostate

Donald Michael Platt

For the Right Reasons - America's Favorite Bachelor on Faith Love Marriage and Why Nice Guys Finish First

Sean Lowe

A Humane Economy - The Social Framework of the Free Market

Wilhelm Röpke

Dorothy Hodgkin - A Life

Georgina Ferry

Fighting for General Lee - Confederate General Rufus Barringer and the North Carolina Cavalry Brigade

Sheridan Barringer

A Tender Distance - Adventures Raising My Sons in Alaska

Kaylene Johnson