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Dying to Survive: Surviving Drug Addiction - A Personal Journey through Drug Addiction

Rachael Keogh

Line of Fire - Heroism Tragedy and Canada's Police

Edward Butts

Jack the Ripper - The Suspects

The Whitechapel Society

Hit #29 - Based on the Killer's Own Account

David Fisher, Man Joey the Hit

Out of the Box - The Highs and Lows of a Champion Smuggler

Julie McSorley, Marcus McSorley

Never Again - A Never Before Told Insight into the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

Bill C. Weiss

Before He Wakes - A True Story of Money Marriage Sex and Murder

Jerry Bledsoe

Court TV Presents: Murder in Room 103

Harriet Ryan

Larceny Games - Sports Gambling Game Fixing and the FBI

Brian Tuohy

Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century

Peter Graham

Love Luck and Larceny

John Thompson-Gray

Murder & Crime: Leeds

Margaret Drinkall

Olde London Punishments

David Brandon, Alan Brooke

Accused - A Heartbreaking Death and the Quest for Justice

Brittany Ducker

Hanged at Lincoln

Stephen Wade

Crime: Dragnet #22

Classics Reborn Audio Publishing

Reasonable Doubt - Bizarre Tales of Death and Justice

Wayne Howell

Getting Away With Murder - The True Story Behind American Taliban John Walker Lindh and What the US Government Had to Hide

Richard D. Mahoney

Written in Blood - A History of Forensic Detection

Colin Wilson, Damon Wilson

Ghost of the Ozarks - Murder and Memory in the Upland South

Brooks Blevins

Thriller: Dragnet #83

Classics Reborn Audio Publishing

Devil's Game - The Civil War Intrigues of Charles A Dunham

Carman Cumming

Cops & Robbers: Dragnet #46

Classics Reborn Audio Publishing

Dead Center

Shiya Ribowsky, Tom Shachtman

White Devil - The True Story of the First White Asian Crime Boss

Bob Halloran

Halifax Murders

Margaret Drinkall

Comrade Chikatilo: Russia's Most Notorious Serial Killer

Mikhail Krivich, Olgert Olgin

The Vatican Connection - The True Story of a Billion-Dollar Conspiracy Between the Catholic Church and the Mafia

Richard Hammer

McLevy: The Edinburgh Detective

James McLevy

Jailbreak - Australia's Most Unforgettable Prison Escapes

Wendy Lewis