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In the Field - A Novel

Rachel Pastan

Lady Chatterley's Lover

D. H. Lawrence

Three souls for a heart My polygamy

Guillermina Mekuy


Megan Hart

Lady Chatterley's Lover

D. H. Lawrence

Selected Novels - An Idol for Others The Quirk Now Let's Talk About Music Perfect Freedom and The Great Urge Downward

Gordon Merrick

A Lord for the Wallflower Widow

Ann Lethbridge

Bidding for Keeps

K Webster

Mahler in love with Monroe? - Thriller

C.-A. Rebaf

In the Rough

Sara Brookes

The Pleasure Quartet - Autumn Winter Spring and Summer

Vina Jackson

Switch It Up

Sara Brookes

His Temptation Her Secret

Barbara Dunlop

Fire Sermon

Jamie Quatro

Savage Bonds

Ana Medeiros

The Peter & Charlie Trilogy - The Lord Won't Mind One for the Gods and Forth into Light

Gordon Merrick

A Ho Humps A Horse And Births His Foal


The Charge of Might - Fires of Lust

Susan Richards

Charged Hose

Marata Eros

Back Draft

Marata Eros

Daddy Dirty Stories - Specific Sexy Stories For Adults

Nevae May

Internal Combustion

Marata Eros

Cold Fire

Marata Eros

One Night With Mom

Laura Lovecraft

Philip & Edward

Wilson Miguel

Free Use for my Best Guy Friends

Rose Rough

Dominants and Submissives Complete Bundle

Arian Wulf

Birthing Pups For Cash To Deal With Cost Of Living


The Cocktale

Marata Eros

The Boardroom

Marata Eros