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The little astronaut and the pink owl

Jens de Fries

Sweet Treason

Patricia Gaffney

Thief of Hearts

Patricia Gaffney

The girl who didn't want to be a princess

Marcela Citterio

Mini Novel - Dark Secret on The Sea

Hiro Nakami

Sexxx Soho Stories

Paul Chaplin

A Gorgeous Buddy in Asia

Goeran B Johansson

Three souls for a heart My polygamy

Guillermina Mekuy

The Awakening of Miss Henley

Julia Justiss

Explicit Erotica - Sexual Stories Sex Collection

Candice Hanson

Hardcore Erotica - Sexually Explicit Irresistible Stories for Adults

Callie Lane

Collection of Short Erotica Stories - Taboo Explicit Bundle

Lyra Fox

BDSM Erotic Short Stories - Adults Explicit Short Sex Stories

Kayla Adams

Daddy’s Erotica - Explicit Stories for Adults

Radella Hollace

Passion’s Nexus - Irresistible Magnetic Pull

Alaya Fisher

Desire Diary - Steamy Short Erotic Stories for Her: Embark on a journey of passion with 120 tales

Trina Edwards

Seductive Chronicles - Twelve Explicit Tales of Passion and Taboo: Indulge in a forbidden journey through desire's most tantalizing corridors

Alayna Lawson

Sex Chronicles - Erotica Shorts for Men

Zephora Stokton

Mom Was In A Wet T-Shirt Contest And Things Got Messy

Penelope Liksit

Attractive Tales for Guys - Grownup Going To Bed Compilation

Wynefrede Veldon

Erotic Short Stories - A Bundle of Smut & Hot Erotica for Women

Callie Reade

Adult Bedtime Erotic Short Stories - A Collection of Filthy Explicit Sexy & Hot Taboo Smut Erotica

Kayla Adams

Dirty Erotica - Explicit Hot Short Sex Stories

Candice Hanson

Hardcore Erotica - Sensual Vulgar Stories for Women

Callie Lane

Lawyer's Lusty Trophy Hotwife

Thomas Roberts

Stories of Naughtiness Explicit Smut - Naughty and Explicit Filthy Bedtime Erotic Romance

Julia Walker

Smutty Short Stories Explicit Taboo Sex - Steamy Erotica Romance for Men and Women - 65 Erotica Stories

Renee Smith

Sexy Shorts - Explicit and Forbidden Erotica Short Stories

Kaia Todd

Daddy Discovered Me All Covered In Cum And Then Added Some Of His Own

Penelope Liksit

Turning Lesbian With Her While Hubby Spies - FFM Threesome Erotica Lesbian Sex Erotica MILF Erotica

Nicki Menage