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What China and India Once Were - The Pasts That May Shape the Global Future

Sheldon Pollock, Benjamin Elman

Proven Techniques for Keeping Healthy Chickens - The Backyard Guide to Raising Chicks Handling Broody Hens Building Coops and More

Carissa Bonham

Flyover Country - Poems

Austin Smith

Trans Figured - My Journey from Boy to Girl to Woman to Man

Brian Belovitch

Ethnic Entrepreneurs Unmasked - Political Institutions and Ethnic Conflicts in Contemporary Bulgaria

Petar Cholakov

Perishability Fatigue - Forays Into Environmental Loss and Decay

Vincent Bruyere

Decriminalizing Domestic Violence - A Balanced Policy Approach to Intimate Partner Violence

Leigh Goodmark

War's End - An Eyewitness Account of America's Last Atomic Mission

Charles W. Sweeney, James A. Antonucci

Food Politics and Society - Social Theory and the Modern Food System

Alejandro Colas

"They Have Killed Papa Dead!" - The Road to Ford’s Theatre Abraham Lincoln’s Murder and the Rage for Vengeance

Anthony S. Pitch

Money Rock - A Family’s Story of Cocaine Race and Ambition in the New South

Pam Kelley

Old Futures - Speculative Fiction and Queer Possibility

Alexis Lothian

The Time of Money

Lisa Adkins

In Statu Nascendi - Journal of Political Philosophy and International Relations 2018 1

John de Geus, Sophie Grace Chappell

Dutch Armies of the 80 Years’ War 1568–1648 (2) - Cavalry Artillery & Engineers

Bouko de Groot

The Sea Devil - The Adventures of Count Felix von Luckner the Last Raider under Sail

Sam Jefferson

The Improbable Victory: The Campaigns Battles and Soldiers of the American Revolution 1775–83 - In Association with The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

Chris McNab

MiG-21 Aces of the Vietnam War

István Toperczer

Pershing vs Tiger - Germany 1945

Steven J Zaloga

US Grenade Launchers - M79 M203 and M320

Gordon L. Rottman

Operation Torch 1942 - The invasion of French North Africa

Brian Lane Herder

The Philippine Sea 1944 - The last great carrier battle

Mark Stille

The Splintered Empires - The Eastern Front 1917–21

Prit Buttar


Thomas Anderson

Sea Harrier FRS 1 vs Mirage III Dagger - South Atlantic 1982

Doug Dildy, Pablo Calcaterra

Maginot Line Gun Turrets - And French gun turret development 1880–1940

Clayton Donnell

D-Day Beach Assault Troops

Gordon L. Rottman

Propaganda Blitz - How the Corporate Media Distort Reality

David Edwards, David Cromwell

Long Road to Harpers Ferry - The Rise of the First American Left

Mark A. Lause

Warriors of Epona

Adam Alexander Haviaras