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MJ-12: Inception - A MAJESTIC-12 Thriller

Michael J Martinez

Watcher and the Warrior - Children of the Goddess #5

Prudence Macleod

Southern Curses - Max Porter #6

Stuart Jaffe

Mirror Mirror

Anthony M. Strong

The Human Society

Susie Moloney

Oowans – Curse and Salvation

Raul Cavazos

Defying Asher (Knight Security 1) - Knight Security #1

Carole Mortimer

The Haunting of Strathmoor Heights - A MysteryyGhost Story

David Smith

The Nameless City

H. P. Lovecraft

The Vault

Mike Bozart

Ghost Spawn (The Complete Trilogy ghost breeding erotica)

Naomi Lauder

Haunted - The Horror Diaries Omnibus Edition #1

Heather Beck

The Colony: Reckoning - The Colony Saga #7

Michaelbrent Collings

Listen To Me Speak - Listen To Me Speak #1

Victor Dark

The Summer - Nelson Estates Series #3

M.D. James

Gaslight Arcanum - Uncanny Tales of Sherlock Holmes

J. R. Campbell, Charles Prepolec

A Dark Night's Work

Elizabeth Gaskell

Charlotte’s Frequency

Ian Rogers

Ensnare: The Passenger’s Pleasure #4 (Paranormal Romance) - Ensnare the Passenger #4

Mac Flynn

The Summer of Blind Joe Death

Thomas Pluck

Message from a Traveler

Rowan Knight

Ice Cream Man (A Short Story)

I.E. Pell

Moonful of Love

Magus Tor

Night Fears (A Short Horror Story)

Graham M Hodge

The CJ Henderson Megapack - 25 Weird Tales of Mystery and Adventure

C. J. Henderson

Destiny Gift - The Everlast Trilogy #1

Juliana Haygert

The EF Benson Megapack - 36 Classic Horror Stories

E.F. Benson

Secrets of the Moon - The Agatha Witchley Mysteries #4

Stephen Hunt

The Cult of Me - The Third Path

Michael Brooke

The Deep

Michaelbrent Collings