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András Szántó The Future of the Museum - 28 Dialogues

András Szánto

Connections I [text + workbook] Textbook & Workbook - A Cognitive Approach to Intermediate Chinese

Jennifer Li-chia Liu

Connections II [text + workbook] Textbook & Workbook - A Cognitive Approach to Intermediate Chinese

Jennifer Li-chia Liu

Conversational French Dialogues - Over 100 French Conversations and Short Stories

Mastery Lingo

Learn Spanish for Beginners - Easy Step-by-Step Method to Start Learning Spanish Today

R.M. Lewis

English Vocabulary Made Easy - The complete vocabulary build up for improving english

Prof. Shrikant Prasoon

Sight Words 1st Grade - For All Learning Items in One Book - Sight Words Grade 1 for Easing Up Learning for Kids & Students

Patrick N. Peerson

Picture sound book for young children for learning Chinese words related to Hobbies

Zhao Z.J.

Practical English Exercises

Matt Purland

The White Man's Guide to White Male Writers of the Western Canon

Jason Adam Katzenstein, Dana Schwartz

The Sketch (How to approach writing a sketch without twisting an ankle)

Toni García

The Art of Rhetoric

Aristotle Aristotle

Learn Persian (Farsi) Step By Step - Making Farsi Easy

Fruzan Seifi

What Are You Saying…? - and why you are not saying it

Conor Kenny

Great Little Last-Minute Editing Tips for Writers - The Ultimate Frugal Reference Guide for Avoiding Word Trippers and Crafting Gatekeeper-Perfect Copy

Carolyn Howard-Johnson


Daniel Klein

Reading Writing

Julien Gracq

Émigrés - French Words That Turned English

Richard Scholar

Law and Authors - A Legal Handbook for Writers

Jacqueline D. Lipton

Semicolon - The Past Present and Future of a Misunderstood Mark

Cecelia Watson

How to Learn Languages - From the Latest Research to a Step by Step Plan

James Murray, Simon Pawolleck

Donatien Grau Living Museums - Conversations with Leading Museum Directors

Donatien Grau

Judah Halevi’s Fideistic Scepticism in the Kuzari

Ehud Krinis

Chinese Conversation Usable in Chinese Company - Immediately Usable Chinese Conversation in Chinese Company

YoungMin Kim

The Writer's Way - A Complete Guide to Creative Writing with 40 Inspirational Projects

Sara Maitland

Reading the Heart - Books by Christie Leigh Babirad Companion Journal

Christie Leigh Babirad

Wordslut - A Feminist Guide to Taking Back the English Language

Amanda Montell

The Elements of Style

William Strunk Jr.

Synthesizing Gravity - Selected Prose

Kay Ryan

Max Siedentopf - Home Alone Survival Guide

Nadine Barth