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Interstellar Tours - A Guide to the Universe from Your Starship Window

Brian Clegg

Read The Tape - Using Situational Awareness to Predict Personal and Business Probabilities

Mike Shapiro

Keeping Sheep

Jack Cockburn

The Complete Guide to Smallholding

Debbie Kingsley

Touchpad Plus Ver 40 Class 7

Nidhi Gupta

Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review 2019

International Renewable Energy Agency Irena

Hands-on ML Projects with OpenCV

Mugesh S.

Under the Radiant Hill - Life and the Land in the Remotest Highlands

Robin Noble

The Synesthesia Experience - Tasting Words Seeing Music and Hearing Color

Maureen Seaberg

Treasury of Folklore: Stars and Skies - Sun Gods Storm Witches and Soaring Steeds

Willow Winsham

Ultimate Tailwind CSS Handbook

Kartik Bhat

Next Generation Innovation - Supercharge Your Business through Strategic Government Partnerships

Kelly Carnes

Everything You Know About the Human Body is Wrong

Matt Brown

End of Abundance in Tech - How IT Leaders Can Find Efficiencies to Drive Business Value

Ben DeBow

Demystifying IT - The Language of IT for the CEO

Bhopi Dhall, Saurajit Kanungo

Zero Latency Leadership - Driving Equity Trust and Sustainability with Emerging Tech

Beena Ammanath

Biomimetics - How Lessons from Nature can Transform Technology

Brian Clegg

Practical Ansible Automation Handbook

Luca Berton

Ultimate Typescript Handbook

Dan Wellman

Current modern and new ways of improving scientific solutions

European Conference

Tender Maps - Travels in Search of the Emotions of Place

Alice Maddicott

Modernity and scientific youth trends

European Conference

Modern scientific space and learning in special conditions

European Conference

Scientific trends solutions theories and methods of development

European Conference

The Rise of the US Environmental Health Movement

Kate Davies

Invasive Plants - Guide to Identification and the Impacts and Control of Common North American Species

Sylvan Ramsey Kaufman, Wallace Kaufman

Identifying Trees of the West - An All-Season Guide to Western North America

Lois DeMarco, Jay Mengel

Shanghai Gone - Domicide and Defiance in a Chinese Megacity

Qin Shao

Muddy Boots Leadership - Real Life Stories and Personal Examples of Good Bad and Unexpected Results

John Chapman

The Book of Field and Roadside - Open-Country Weeds Trees and Wildflowers of Eastern North America

John Eastman