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The Pirate World - A History of the Most Notorious Sea Robbers

Angus Konstam

Armies of the Medieval Italian Wars 1125–1325

Gabriele Esposito

War Bows - Longbow crossbow composite bow and Japanese yumi

Mike Loades

Kulikovo 1380 - The battle that made Russia

Mark Galeotti

Chinese Battleship vs Japanese Cruiser - Yalu River 1894

Benjamin Lai

How to Survive in the Georgian Navy - A Sailor's Guide

Bruno Pappalardo

Northrop Flying Wings

Peter E. Davies

Japan 1944–45 - LeMay’s B-29 strategic bombing campaign

Mark Lardas

French Armour in Vietnam 1945–54

Simon Dunstan

The Trail

James Ellson

Yesterday's Monsters - The Manson Family Cases and the Illusion of Parole

Hadar Aviram

Healing Labor - Japanese Sex Work in the Gendered Economy

Gabriele Koch

Camming - Money Power and Pleasure in the Sex Work Industry

Angela Jones

The Mating Game - How Gender Still Shapes How We Date

Ellen Lamont

Colonial Migrants at the Heart of Empire - Puerto Rican Workers on US Farms

Ismael García-Colón

Janet Frame’s World of Books

Patricia Neville

The Moral Project of Childhood - Motherhood Material Life and Early Children's Consumer Culture

Daniel Thomas Cook

Humor Education and Art - Humor: a transdisciplinary approach

Alberto Dionigi, Ibukun Filani, Magali Gravier, Paul Jewell, Mike Lloyd, Lita Lundquist, Parkin John C, Arie Sover, Douglas Wulf

Is Time out of Joint? - On the Rise and Fall of the Modern Time Regime

Aleida Assmann

Super Bomb - Organizational Conflict and the Development of the Hydrogen Bomb

Ken Young, Warner R. Schilling

The Recipe for Revolution - A Novel

Carolyn Chute

Divided Armies - Inequality and Battlefield Performance in Modern War

Jason Lyall

Rediscovering the Islamic Classics - How Editors and Print Culture Transformed an Intellectual Tradition

Ahmed El Shamsy

Royal Progress - Canada's Monarchy in the Age of Disruption

D. Michael Jackson


Helen Steadman

Killing Beauties

Pete Langman

Happy Family

James Ellis

The Coming Age of Imagination - How universal basic income will lead to an explosion of creativity

Phil Teer

A Bound Woman Is a Dangerous Thing - The Incarceration of African American Women from Harriet Tubman to Sandra Bland

DaMaris Hill

The Great War - Indian Writings on the First World War

Rakhshanda Jalil