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Touch of Lightning - Lightning Touch Book 1

Susan McKenzie


Judy Griffith Gill

A Princess of Last Resort

Bill Ricardi

The Village - All three books in the trilogy

Rachel McLean

The Fae Lord's Mistress - A Dark Fantasy Romance

Lisa Kumar

Skulls of Atlantis - A Pirate Exploration LitRPG

Edwin McRae

Isle of the Blessed - A Novel of the Roman Empire

Adam Alexander Haviaras

Harmonic Magic Series Boxed Set

P.E. Padilla

Bloodborne Awakened

Tracey Laviolette

Space Team

Barry J. Hutchison

Captivating Tales - Short Stories and Flash Fictions

Semih Süren

To Wake The Dead

Sarah Lampkin

The Shrike & The Shadows

Chantal Gadoury, A.M. Wright

Dragon Dodgers - (Wounds in the Sky Prequels Book 1)

V.R. Cardoso

Reaper Moon - Race War in the Post Apocalypse

Ted Neill

The Song of the Sirin

Nicholas Kotar

Starry Wisdom

Peter Levenda

City of Wishes: The Complete Cinderella Story

Rachel Morgan

Magic Outside the Box

Honor Raconteur

Plague - The Old Lady of the Skies: Episode One

Peter Oxley

The Infernal Aether

Peter Oxley


Asa Tait

Million Miles Away

Alice Bane

The Tales of Aylfenhame Compendium - Books 1-3

Charlotte E. English

Second Chance

Semih Süren

Hateful Things - The Children of D'Hara episode 2

Terry Goodkind

The Moonlight Masquerade

Rachel Morgan

Violet’s Trial

Eva Stone

The Starlight Quest

Rachel Morgan

Elemental Power

Rachel Morgan