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A Week on Mount Olympus - and other Tales from the Bench

Peter Murphy

Deep in the Forest

Erina Reddan

Twenty Years After

Alexandre Dumas

Memorial Bot

Benjamin Wrax

In Case of Loss

Lutz Seiler

The Weather Man

Royston Reeves

A Devon Midwinter Murder - The must-read cozy crime series

Stephanie Austin

The Naming of Moths

Tracy Fells

Lipstick Eyebrows

Rebecca Parfitt, Mari Ellis Dunning

Far Creek Road - A Novel

Lesley Krueger

The 14th Storm - in 2043 the climate has finally changed

Daniel J Mooney

The Girl and the Sword - A Novel of Medieval History

Gerald Weaver

DAISY SCARLETT - Thriller Action

Ben Trebilcook

The Disappearance Boy - behind every story lies a story

Neil Bartlett

Love in War

Michael Farthing

When the Filter Fades - A Novel

Janine Jellars

The Mariners

Vivian Stuart

Star of the Sea - The Cresswell Chronicles

Katharine Tiernan

Gallow Falls

Alex Nye

A Herb for Happiness

Barbara Cartland

The White Scorpion

Rob Sinclair

Mortal Green

Anita Waller

Address Book - hope lives here

Neil Bartlett

Coral Holiday

Jan Moran

The Leftovers - A saga about power consent and the myth of the perfect victim

Cassandra Parkin

Blood Red - A Completely Gripping Crime Thriller

Anita Waller

Sincerely Yours - A Breath-Taking Psychological Suspense Thriller

Charlotte Barnes

The Bird King - A Novel

G. Willow Wilson

A Miracle in Music

Barbara Cartland

Paradise Undone - A Novel Of Jonestown

Annie Dawid