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Pitcher Pressure

Jake Maddox

The Girl Who Had Everything

Janice Green

The Adventures of the 31st Street Saints - Book 1: The Eno

J.A. McKinstry

Rascal and the Wedding

Holly Webb

My Green Lunch

Colleen Hord

T Is for Terrible

Peter McCarty, Syd Hoff, Jane Yolen


Janet Lorimer

The Complex Infrastructure Known as the Female Mind - According to Relient K

Mark Nichols, K Relient

Back Online

Laura Dower


Publishing Xist

Harvey the Houdini Husky

Jo Anne Spinks

Secrets and Shadows - Two friends in a world at war

Brian Gallagher

Mr Percy's Mysterious Glasses

Michelle L. King

A Conspiracy of Kings

Megan Whalen Turner

The Truth About Dangerous Sea Creatures

Mary M. Cerullo

Hardcourt Comeback

Fred Bowen

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Middle School

David Borgenicht, Ben Winters, Robin Epstein

The Pirate (Adventure Novel Based on True Story) - Historical Novel Based on the Life of Notorious Pirate John Gow by the Author of Waverly Rob Roy Ivanhoe The Guy Mannering and Anne of Geierstein

Walter Scott

Everlasting and the Great River

Richard Bremicker


Alan MacDonald

Capture Creatures #1

Frank Gibson

Ghost of the Bermuda Triangle

Laurie S Sutton


Lili Wilkinson

The King Of Root Valley And His Curious Daughter

R. Reinick

Tree Girl

Ben Mikaelsen

Haunting at Home Plate

David Patneaude

Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat

Lynne Jonelle

Stroll and Walk Babble and Talk - More about Synonyms

Brian P. Cleary, Brian Gable

The Adventures & Trials of VIKOTAM

Vikram Pinto

Ready Freddy: Don't Sit on My Lunch

Abby Klein