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Camila Perez

So Happy to Know You! (A That Sounds Fun Book for Kids)

Annie F. Downs

Kevin the Vampire: A Most Mysterious Monster - A Most Mysterious Monster

Matt Brown

Milly McCarthy and the Irish Dancing Disaster

Leona Forde

Alice Éclair Spy Extraordinaire!: A Sprinkling of Danger - A Sprinkling of Danger

Sarah Todd Taylor

The Friendly Animals - A Christmas Story

James Newman Gray

The Secret Tunnel - Hazel Tree Farm

Alma Jordan

Double Trouble at the Dead Zoo - Molly Malone & Bram Stoker

Alan Nolan

The Big Book of Big Laughs for Kids

Sandy Silverthorne

The After School Crime Club

Hayley Webster

Friends and Traitors

Helen Peters

Yomi and the Fury of Ninki Nanka

Davina Tijani

Monsters of Celtic Mythology

Bernard Evslin


Simon Fox

The Little Lost Kitten

Holly Webb

Twin Power: The Lost Cup

Emma Larkin

Ten Steps To Us

Attiya Khan

The Stitchers

Lorien Lawrence

The Weather Well

Vashti Hardy

Tapper Watson and the Quest for the Nemo Machine

Claire Fayers

What It Was Like to be an Ancient Roman

David Long

In Between Worlds - The Journey of the Famine Girls

Nicola Pierce

The Climbing Boys - Dublin 1830: Can three young friends find a way out of the darkness?

Ann Murtagh

Say "Please" and "Thank You!"

Kim Mitzo Thompson, Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand

Mermaid Academy: Cora and Sparkle - Cora and Sparkle

Julie Sykes, Linda Chapman

Cracking Cricket

Robin Bennett

The Storm and the Minotaur

Lucy Strange

Maeum's Wish

C.B. Lee

Hickory Dickory Dock & More

Kim Mitzo Thompson, Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand

Calming My Jitters Activity Book - Companion Book to the picture Book - Wiggles Stomps and Squeezes

Lindsey Rowe Parker