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The Gangster's Muse

Supriya Parulekar

Too Pretty To Live - The Catfishing Murders of East Tennessee

Dennis Brooks

Flesh Collectors

Fred Rosen

Dying for the Truth - Undercover Inside the Mexican Drug War by the Fugitive Reporters of Blog del Narco

Blog del Narco

World Famous Trials

Vikas Khatri

Bloodsworth - The True Story of One Man's Triumph over Injustice

Tim Junkin

The Grangegorman Murders - Dean Lyons Mark Nash and the Story behind the Grangegorman Murders

Alan Bailey

Judgment Ridge

Mitchell Zuckoff, Dick Lehr

Marked for Death

Brian J. Karem

Getting Away With Murder - The True Story Behind American Taliban John Walker Lindh and What the US Government Had to Hide

Richard D. Mahoney

Unsolved - True Canadian Cold Cases

Robert J. Hoshowsky

The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Sylvia Wrigley

Crime and Punishment in Victorian London

Ross Gilfillan

Who Killed Bob Crane? - The Final Close-Up

John Hook

Murder Inc and the Moral Life - Gangsters and Gangbusters in La Guardia's New York

Robert Whalen

Ten Days that Shook the World

John Reed

Chambers of Horror

John Marlowe

Violence in the Blood - The Crime Syndicate #1

Mark J Newman

Cops & Robbers: Dragnet #48

Classics Reborn Audio Publishing

The Mad Chopper

Fred Rosen

Supernatural Serial Killers - What makes them murder?

Samantha Lyon, Dr Daphne Tan

Love Behind Bars - True Stories

Victoria Heywood

The Crime of the Century - Richard Speck and the Murders That Shocked a Nation

Dennis L. Breo, William J. Martin

The Sex Slave Murders

R. Barri Flowers

Killers in Cold Blood - Chilling Murders That Make Your Skin Creep and Your Stomach Turn

Rodney Castleden, Ray Black, Ian & Clare Welch

The World's Most Evil People - The Epitome of Evil

Rodney Castleden

The Abduction of Nelly Don

Patrice Williams Marks

In Hot Blood - A Casebook of Historic British Crimes of Passion

Nicola Sly

Scottish Murders

Lisa Wallis, Derek Wright

Manhunters - Criminal Profilers and Their Search for the World’s Most Wanted Serial Killers

Colin Wilson