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Evidence of Love - A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs

John Bloom, Jim Atkinson

A Book of Remarkable Criminals

H. B. Irving

Ruby Ridge

Jess Walter

Gang Mom

Fred Rosen

Evil Beside Her

Kathryn Casey

Bringing Adam Home - The Abduction That Changed America

Les Standiford, Joe Matthews

Buddy Boys - When Good Cops Turn Bad

Mike McAlary

Molly's Game - From Hollywood's Elite to Wall Street's Billionaire Boys Club My High-Stakes Adventure in the World of Underground Poker

Molly Bloom

Thirty-Eight Witnesses - The Kitty Genovese Case

A. M. Rosenthal

They All Love Jack - Busting the Ripper

Bruce Robinson

Nutcracker - Money Madness Murder: A Family Album

Shana Alexander

There But For the Grace of God

Fred Rosen

Butcher Baker - The True Account of an Alaskan Serial Killer

Walter Gilmour, Leland E. Hale

Deacon of Death

Fred Rosen

Mother's Day

Dennis McDougal

Untouchables - Dirty cops bent justice and racism in Scotland Yard

Michael Gillard, Laurie Flynn

She Wanted It All - A True Story of Sex Murder and a Texas Millionaire

Kathryn Casey

Havana Nocturne

T. J. English

Tinseltown - Murder Morphine and Madness at the Dawn of Hollywood

William J. Mann

Blood and Money - The Classic True Story of Murder Passion and Power

Thomas Thompson

Judgment Ridge

Mitchell Zuckoff, Dick Lehr

The Best American Crime Writing 2005

Thomas H. Cook, Otto Penzler, James Ellroy

A Death in Canaan

Joan Barthel

Dead Ends - The Pursuit Conviction and Execution of Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos

Joseph Michael Reynolds

The CBS Murders - A True Account of Greed and Violence in New York's Diamond District

Richard Hammer

Who Killed My Daughter?

Lois Duncan

For Queen and Currency - Audacious fraud greed and gambling at Buckingham Palace

Michael Gillard

Brady and Hindley - Genesis of the Moors Murders

Fred Harrison

The Irish Game - A True Story of Crime and Art

Matthew Hart

Lord High Executioner - An Unashamed Look at Hangmen Headsmen and Their Kind

Howard Engel