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The World's Worst Criminals

Charlotte Greig

If I Did It - Confession of the Killer

O.J. Simpson

Brady and Hindley - Genesis of the Moors Murders

Fred Harrison

Winged Obsession - The Pursuit of the World's Most Notorious Butterfly Smuggler

Jessica Speart

Without Trace – Ireland’s Missing - Profiling the Disappearances of Men Women and Children in Ireland since 1970

Barry Cummins

Never to be Released Volume 4

Paul B. Kidd

The True Story of The Kelly Gang of Bushrangers

C. H. Chomley

An End to Murder - A Criminologist's View of Violence Throughout History

Colin Wilson, Damon Wilson

The Secret Lives of Sgt John Wilson - A True Story of Love & Murder

Lois Simmie

Lighting Candles - A Paramilitary's War with Death Drugs and Demons

David Leslie

White Devil - The True Story of the First White Asian Crime Boss

Bob Halloran

Static Demagogue

Rhys Thomas

The Best American Crime Writing 2006

Thomas H. Cook, Otto Penzler, Mark Bowden

The Unicorn's Secret - Murder in the Age of Aquarius

Steven Levy

Murder in Mayberry - Greed Death and Mayhem in a Small Town

Mary Kinney Branson, Jack Branson

The Shooting of Rabbit Wells - A White Cop a Young Man of Color and an American Tragedy; with a New Introduction by the Author

William Loizeaux

The Toronto Book of the Dead

Adam Bunch

Love You to Death - A Story of Sex Betrayal and Murder Gone Wrong

Megan Norris

The Last Gangster

George Anastasia

Empire of Deception - The Incredible Story of a Master Swindler Who Seduced a City and Captivated the Nation

Dean Jobb

Jack the Ripper - A Scientific Analysis

Francis Westfield

Australian Ripping Yarns 2 - Pirates and Poisoners Scoundrels and Screen Stars Ratbags and Rogues

Paul Taylor

Great Train Robbery and the Metropolitan Police Flying Squad

Geoff Platt

How Serial Rapists Target Their Victims

Linda Fairstein

McGraw - The Incredible Untold Story of Tam 'The Licensee' McGraw

Reg McKay

Missing You - Australia's Most Mysterious Unsolved MIssing Person's Cases

Justine Ford

Dance With the Devil - A Memoir of Murder and Loss

David Bagby

All the Centurions

Robert Leuci

Bind Torture Kill

Roy Wenzl, Tim Potter, Hurst Laviana, L. Kelly

The Rockwell Heist - The extraordinary theft of seven Norman Rockwell paintings and a phony Renoir—and the 20-year chase for their recovery from the Midwest through Europe and South America

Bruce Rubenstein