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Chrisp's True Crime Miscellany - Stories Facts Tales & Trivia

Peter Chrisp, T.G. Fieldwalker

White House Call Girl - The Real Watergate Story

Phil Stanford

Con Game Volume 2

Stan Singer

Killers in Cold Blood - Chilling Murders That Make Your Skin Creep and Your Stomach Turn

Rodney Castleden, Ray Black, Ian & Clare Welch

The Murder of the Countess Görlitz

Sabine Baring-gould

The Ten Million Dollar Getaway - The Inside Story of the Lufthansa Heist

Doug Feiden

Murder in Minnesota - A Collection of True Cases

Walter N. Trenerry

Serial Killers and Mass Murderers - Profiles of the World's Most Barbaric Criminals

Nigel Cawthorne

Essex Villains

Paul Wreyford

Ghost of the Ozarks - Murder and Memory in the Upland South

Brooks Blevins

The Mystery of the "Mary Celeste"

J. G. Lockhart

Jack the Ripper - Scotland Yard Investigates

Stewart P Evans

The World's Worst Psychopaths - The Most Depraved Killers In History

Victor McQueen

The Profession of Violence - The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins

John Pearson

Dark Rose - Organized Crime and Corruption in Portland

Robert C Donnelly

The World's Most Evil Psychopaths - Horrifying True-Life Cases of Pure Evil

John Marlowe

Crime and Corruption at The Yard

David I Woodland

Serial Killers - Horrifying True-Life Cases of Pure Evil

Charlotte Greig

The Slaidburn Angel

M. Sheelagh Whittaker

Breaking the Silence - One Man's Quest to Find the Truth About One of the Most Horrific Series of Sex Abuse Cases in Ireland

Martin Ridge, Gerard Cunningham

A Bullet for Jesus

Jim Boyd


Joseph DiMona, Thomas Noguchi

Mystery: Dragnet #13

Classics Reborn Audio Publishing

Greater London Murders - 33 True Stories of Revenge Jealousy Greed & Lust

Linda Stratmann

Marikana - A Report from South Africa

Jack Shenker

Prisoner of Cell 21 Volume 1

Stan Singer

The Encyclopedia of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List - Over Fifty Years of Convicts Robbers Terrorists and Other Rogues

Duane Swierczynski

True Crime - Real-Life Stories of Abduction Addiction Obsession Murder Grave-robbing and More

Lee Gutkind

Gangland - The Shocking Exposé of the Criminal Underworld

Paul Williams

Chased - Alone Black and Undercover

Billy Chase, Lennie Grimaldi